How To Pass World Of Tanks

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How To Pass World Of Tanks
How To Pass World Of Tanks

Video: How To Pass World Of Tanks

Video: How To Pass World Of Tanks

Multiplayer online games are made in such a way that it is impossible to pass them in the usual sense of the word, since it is beneficial for the publisher to attract the client's attention for the maximum period. The popular game World of Tanks is no exception, but it is still possible to reach certain levels comparable to the passage of a single-player game in it.

How to pass World of Tanks
How to pass World of Tanks


  • - a computer that meets the system requirements of World of Tanks;
  • - registered account;
  • - game client;
  • - Internet connection.


Step 1

The closest in meaning to the passage of action in the game World of Tanks will be the study of all branches of the development of tanks. At the moment, there are 6 nations in the game (USSR, Great Britain, Germany, USA, France and China), containing a total of 275 researchable tanks. And if it won't take you a lot of time to study tanks of initial levels, then researching vehicles of 5th and higher levels can distract you from the real world for a long time.

Step 2

In the game, despite being free, there is a concept of a premium account that can be bought for real money. Its cost is comparable to the subscription price of most online games (about three hundred rubles a month). The presence of a premium account increases the amount of experience and in-game credits received for a battle by 50%, respectively, the study of new equipment will be faster. However, many players fundamentally refuse to spend money on a free game.

Step 3

When starting to research all types of equipment, it is necessary to remember that each nation contains at least three branches of development: light, heavy and medium tanks, and most often also anti-tank self-propelled guns and artillery. Despite the fact that there are only ten levels of tank development in the game, each nation at level 10 has not one tank, but from 2 to 7. Accordingly, either you will develop sequentially, or you will need additional space in the hangar to simultaneously explore several tanks at once.

Step 4

As a rule, players research vehicles by nation. This makes sense, because within the same nation, many of the modules that also need to be researched are the same. Thus, having studied the latest radio or engine on one tank, you can skip them on another vehicle. Nevertheless, each tank will still have unique modules, which will also require experience to be learned.

Step 5

The experience you gained in battles on this or that tank will be credited to this particular tank, and you can spend almost all of it only on studying the modules of this vehicle or on researching the next vehicle in the tree. But 5% of all experience gained is automatically transferred to so-called free experience, which can be spent on researching any tank. In addition, for an additional fee, you can convert the experience accumulated on any tank into free experience (provided that the entire tech tree of this tank has been researched), which can allow you to quickly pass vehicles you don't like in battle.

Step 6

The developers are constantly releasing updates containing new vehicles, so it is very difficult to research all the tanks in the game. Even having reached the limit of the development of all the technology of all nations, you can always find something else to do in the game. For example, it can be collecting achievements or improving in-game statistics.

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