Where Can Clothes Be Sold

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Where Can Clothes Be Sold
Where Can Clothes Be Sold

Video: Where Can Clothes Be Sold

Video: Where Can Clothes Be Sold
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There are a large number of online stores offering products to buy and sell. Today, every Internet user has the opportunity to sell any item through specialized auctions. To do this, it is enough to display the goods, find your seller and send the item to the buyer.

Where can clothes be sold
Where can clothes be sold


Step 1

Decide on the clothes you want to sell and set a specific price for them. To do this, visit all kinds of websites and online auctions, clothing stores and examine the products offered by other sellers.

Step 2

Do not overcharge and do not try to sell the product for the amount that it is not worth. Even if the thing is very dear to you, it is worthwhile to approach the determination of its value as objectively as possible. Set a price that is appropriate for the product to maximize the likelihood of selling it.

Step 3

Decide on the method by which you will receive funds. When selling clothes, it is advisable to offer the buyer as many options as possible. It's worth noting that payment methods should be popular. It is good to receive money through a transfer in the Internet bank or pay to a Webmoney wallet or Paypal account, which must be created if you want to sell goods abroad. It is also worth calculating the approximate cost of delivery to the consumer - for example, if you send a parcel to another region of Russia, then by mail you will have to pay extra for sending by parcel post.

Step 4

Select the resource where you want to sell. Register an account on a website that specializes in the sale of things. For example, you can visit AVITO or the resource of the Iz Ruk v Ruki newspaper, which gather a fairly large audience of buyers. You can use eBay to sell clothes overseas. Try to use popular and visited resources that are visited by a large number of visitors.

Step 5

Get serious about putting together your ad. Write it as competently as possible, avoid various mistakes and jargon. Describe in detail the condition of the clothes sold, attach a high-quality photograph. Optionally, you can name the reason why you are selling this item, and check if the buyer can bargain with you regarding the value. Specify the exact contact information by which you can be contacted.

Step 6

Try to sell your product to people who live in your city or its surroundings. So you will have the opportunity to personally hand over the goods or arrange for faster delivery. If you cannot find a buyer for a long time, update the product as often as possible so that it does not get lost among other positions on the site.

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