10 Performances That Can Be Watched Online

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10 Performances That Can Be Watched Online
10 Performances That Can Be Watched Online

Video: 10 Performances That Can Be Watched Online

Video: 10 Performances That Can Be Watched Online
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Theatrical art, of course, contributes to the development of a person's personality and the improvement of his inner world. Having absorbed all the best, it enriches the inner world of the viewer and encourages him to manifest humanity in everyday life.


Unfortunately, not all people and not always have the opportunity to watch performances directly in the theater. A resident of a large metropolis may simply not be able to get tickets for the right time. In small towns, however, performances are very rare.

Meanwhile, you can watch the performance absolutely at any time, and without leaving your home - online. Recordings of interesting performances are available, for example, on YouTube video hosting, in social networks and in some online cinemas.

1. "Players XXI"

The premiere of this performance took place in February 1992 on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. The production "Players XXI" belongs to the genre of tragicomedy. The total duration of the performance is 119 minutes.

The plot of this production was based on Gogol's play "The Players". However, the director decided to move the action to our days, to the Sochi hotel "Primorskaya".

The structure of Gogol's play and almost all the texts in the TV show remained unchanged, but the heroes were dressed up in modern costumes. At the same time, the action of the production unfolds against the background of the interiors of the 90s.

2 "Dead Souls"

Of course, performances based on this immortal work of Gogol have been staged hundreds of times in many theaters in the country. On the Internet, the viewer has the opportunity to watch, for example, the production of "Dead Souls" by the theater. Vl. Mayakovsky. The premiere of this performance took place in November 2005.

Then, on the stage of the theater, for the first time in the stage history of the work, both of its volumes were embodied at once - the well-known First and the Second, which came down in fragments. The heroes of Dead Souls appear in this production not in the traditional quality of caricatured personalities, but as living people with their troubles, weaknesses and pain.

3. "About Fedot Archer"

Viewers also have the opportunity to find this popular fairy tale on the Internet in its full version at any time. It is a staging of a mono-performance by Leonid Filatov based on a work written by him.

For the first time published in 1987 by the magazine "Youth", the play of the poet and actor "About Fedot the Archer" immediately became extremely popular among the population of the country. It was even copied by hand and passed from mouth to mouth. And of course, this cheerful sparkling humorous work could not remain without staging.

Spectacular performance "About Fedot Strelets", according to the audience, is due to:

  • a minimum of distracting decorations;
  • a lively, relevant humorous plot;
  • Filatov's amazing acting style.

4. "Eugene Onegin"

Theater lovers can watch online, among other things, the play "Eugene Onegin" directed by Rimas Tuminas. On the Internet there is a recording of the premiere of this production, which took place in the theater. Vakhtangov in 2013

The events on the stage in this performance, as the audience notes, unfold in the atmosphere:

  • gloomy humor;
  • agonizing melancholy;
  • a little mysterious grotesque.

The role of Eugene Onegin in the production of Tuminas was offered to two actors at once. Viktor Dobronravov plays the young fatal handsome man in the play, and Sergei Makovetskiy plays the aged and learned the world of the hero.

5. "Twelfth Night"

On the Internet you can watch, among other things, the play "Twelfth Night" with an exciting plot, which premiered at the Sovremennik Theater in 1975. This two-part production by the English director P. James was recorded by the Ekran creative association in 1978.

It is a sitcom performance. The main characters of the production are the twins Sebastian and Viola, who are constantly confused by everyone. As a result of the shipwreck, brother and sister lose each other and find themselves in an unfamiliar city.

6. "The good man from Cezuan"

The premiere of this parable-play took place in 1964 at the Moscow Taganka Theater. The main theme of "The Kind Man of Cezuan" is the study of the roots of evil and good in the human soul.

In the course of setting, the gods descend from the sky to find at least one kind person. After a long unsuccessful search, they meet a prostitute from Cezuan. However, the more a girl does good deeds, the more troubles fall on her personally.

7. “Office romance. Co-workers "

The film "Office Romance" by the famous director Eldar Ryazanov was seen, of course, by almost everyone in our country. But not everyone knows that this film, in fact, is a remake of the production of the same name based on the play "Co-workers" written by E. Ryazanov and Emil Braginsky.

In total, the performance "Co-workers" was staged on the stages of more than 130 theaters in the country. On the Internet, theater lovers can watch a version of this production of 1973, which took place at the Moscow Theater. Mayakovsky.

8. "Memorial prayer"

On the Internet there is, among other things, a recording of the play "Memorial Prayer" directed by Mark Zakharov, which premiered in 1989 on the stage of the LenKom Theater. The performance of this production based on the works of Sholem Aleichem takes place in Russia during the period of persecution of Jews.

The main character of the play is the milkman Tevye, whose difficult life is also overshadowed by a series of unpleasant events. The main idea of the production is that only with the help of prayer you can withstand and not lose yourself even in the most difficult moments of life. The plot of the play is permeated with subtle Jewish humor, and the majority of connoisseurs of theatrical art consider the acting of the actors to be simply impeccable.

9. "Cherry Orchard"

The premiere of this production, which can also be viewed online, took place in Moscow's Sovremennik in 1997. According to art connoisseurs, it was this performance by Elena Volchek that became a real hallmark of the theater.

The main thing that the director wanted to convey to the viewer in this production is the feelings of despair, humility and ultimately hope. On the Internet you can watch a version of this performance, which took place in Sovremennik in 2006.

The cast of the production has, of course, changed in nearly two decades. But the main roles in the play are still played by Sergei Garmash and Marina Neyelova.

10. "Faust"

If desired, Internet users can also watch, for example, the play "Faust", which took place in the theater. Vakhtangov in 1969. In this classic tragedy:

  • the scenery is heaven, earth and hell;
  • The "directors" are God and the Devil;
  • assistants of the same “directors” can be called numerous dark and light angels in their confrontation.

Director Viktor Turhan has been working on his grandiose performance for more than 4 years. The most famous actors of the time are cast in this production.

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