How To Restore Bookmarks

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How To Restore Bookmarks
How To Restore Bookmarks

Video: How To Restore Bookmarks

Video: How To Restore Bookmarks

If you have been collecting a database of useful and valuable bookmarks in your browser for a long time, but for some reason accidentally lost access to them or saw that the bookmarks bar for some reason disappeared from the browser menu - do not rush to despair and reinstall the browser. The bookmark bar is easy to restore, and we will tell you how to do it using the example of the Mozilla Firefox browser, which is widespread among Internet users.

How to restore bookmarks
How to restore bookmarks


Step 1

Open your browser and click on the "View" button in the menu bar. In the list that opens, move the mouse cursors over the inscription "Sidebar" - a subsection of three items will open on the right (bookmarks, magazine, Delicious).

Step 2

Click on the word "Bookmarks" - after that, a window with a list of bookmarks will appear in the sidebar of your browser, which, nevertheless, differs in some characteristics from the tab you are accustomed to, in which you could easily manage bookmarks and add pages to the list.

Step 3

Above, when you opened the sidebar subsection, you might see the Delicious toolbar item there. If it is installed as an add-on to your version of Mozilla Firefox, then it should be blamed for the disappearance of the bookmark control button from the menu.

Step 4

On the Delicious toolbar, click on its name to open a list of toolbar functions. Find the line Show bookmarks menu in the list and click on it.

Step 5

After that, the bookmarks button should return to the menu bar, and you no longer need the window open in the sidebar - the favorites will again be displayed in the usual format.

Step 6

If the reason for the disappearance of the bookmark button is not in the Delicious toolbar, try asking a question to Mozilla technical support or on the forum for browser developers and users, and also try reinstalling the browser if the previous methods do not help restore the bookmarks bar.

Step 7

In the sidebar, save the bookmarks on your computer beforehand so that you can re-enter them in the reinstalled program.

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