How To Customize Your Home Page

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How To Customize Your Home Page
How To Customize Your Home Page

Video: How To Customize Your Home Page

Video: How To Customize Your Home Page
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The theater begins with a coat rack, and where does the entrance to the endless expanses of the Internet begin? From the home page. It is opened by your browser first, and it certainly affects your mood. How do you customize your homepage so that every internet connection is fun and enjoyable?



Step 1

Decide on the site, the page of which will become your "home", ie. will be the first to open in your browser window. How to choose such a site? It might just be your favorite site. This could be the site your work is related to. Give it a try, you can install and customize the home page as much as you like.

Step 2

Further, two ways are possible. First, you can customize your home page right from the site of your choice. Many sites install the Make Home Page script on their pages. You need to click on the link (usually this is an image of the house, or links "Make home", "Make home") and confirm your agreement to set this page as your home page.

Step 3

The second way is to customize the home page using your browser.

If you have Internet Explorer, go to the page you want to set as your home page, open the "Properties" - "General" tab. In the "Home" section, specify "current". You can also enter the homepage address manually. Do not forget to confirm your decision by clicking "OK".

For Opera, the path is as follows: "Settings" - "General settings" - "General". At startup - select "Start from home page". Enter the address of the required page in the appropriate field. Click OK.

Step 4

For Firefox: "Tools" - "Options" - "General". When Firefox starts, select Show Home Page. In the "Home page" field, enter the desired address and click "OK".

For Google Chrome: "Configure and manage Google Chrome" - "Options" - "General" - "Home" and fill in the "Open this page" field.

pages and a successful exit to the vastness of the WWW.

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