Where Can I Buy A Dragon In WoW?

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Where Can I Buy A Dragon In WoW?
Where Can I Buy A Dragon In WoW?

Video: Where Can I Buy A Dragon In WoW?

Video: Where Can I Buy A Dragon In WoW?
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Dragons are the most beautiful vehicles in WoW. However, getting them is not that easy. Few merchants offer to buy such mounts, and only if they have the appropriate reputation. You can also buy the dragon with some chance on the Black Market for in-game gold or in the Battle.net store for real money.

Riding Dragon in WoW
Riding Dragon in WoW

Battle.net Store

The easiest way to get a mountable dragon is to purchase it with real money from the Battle.net Shop. Blizzard offers players such vehicles as Enchanted Fey Dragon, Iron Sky Raider, Armored Bloodwing and Heart of the Aspects. The cost of such a dragon is 600 rubles.

To buy a mountable dragon in battle.net, you must first log in with your account. Then go to the store, choose the desired transport and payment method. After processing the payment, the dragon will immediately appear in the list of your vehicles. If during the purchase you were in the game, be sure to restart it.

Black market

The most epic dragons drop with a small chance from various bosses in dungeons and raids, as well as from some world bosses. But if you are unlucky with the drop, then you can try to win such a mount at the Black Market auction. The black market is managed by the NPC Madame Goya, who stands in the hut in the location "The Hidden Stairs" (Pandaria) at coordinates (63; 75).

To buy a dragon on the Black Market, you will need to win the "Unclaimed Black Market Container" auction. It is in it with a small drop chance (0, 7-2%) that one of the many different dragons is contained, i.e. buying a specific vehicle in this way will not work. In this container you can find: Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake, Reins of the Plague Proto-Drake, Reins of the Green Proto-Drake, Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake, Reins of the Onyxian Drake, Reins of the Drake of the North Wind, Reins of the Drake of the South Wind, Reins of the Stonehide Drake, Reins of the Azure Drake, Reins blue dragon.

Dragons for reputation

After reaching exalted status with the Wyrmrest Accord faction, you can buy Reins of the Red Dragon for 2,000 gold from the NPC Nebostrasz. The merchant is located in the location "Dragonblight" (Northrend) at coordinates (59; 53). You can find Skywalker at the very top of the tower. She stands beside the dragon queen Alexstrasza.

Exalted by the Defenders of Tol Barad (Alliance) or by Hellscream's Battalion (Horde) allows you to purchase Reins of the Drake of the West Wind. Its cost is 200 Tol Barad commendation badges, which are obtained for completing quests. The merchants are located in the Tol Barad Peninsula. Pogg (Horde) is located at coordinates (54; 81), and Quartermaster Brazy (Alliance) is at coordinates (72; 62).

Netherwing dragons

In the location "Valley of the Shadowmoon" (Outland) at coordinates (65; 86) there is the Dragon Seller Harlunk. From him for 200 gold (180 with a guild bonus) you can buy an onyx, azure, cobalt, purple, green and purple dragon from the Netherwing flight. Initially, you cannot talk to this NPC. To gain access to trade, you will need to complete the quest chain and earn Exalted with this faction.

First, find NPC Mordenai and complete the entire chain of quests offered by him. In the course of completing tasks, mobs will drop two items that start quests. Be sure to do them too. In the end, only the task "Collect them all!" Will remain. It is rented out on an ongoing basis. Collect all the Dragon Eggs you find from the Netherwing Flight on the island and hand over to Yazrill the Mercenary. Earn 250 reputation for each egg. After reaching exalted, you can go to Harlunk and buy dragons.