How To Cash Out From An E-wallet

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How To Cash Out From An E-wallet
How To Cash Out From An E-wallet

Video: How To Cash Out From An E-wallet

Video: How To Cash Out From An E-wallet
Video: How to Cash Out Grabpay Wallet using Gcash | E-Wallet | Grabpay(Tagalog 2021) - "Pete Reality" 2023, March

Electronic money allows you to easily and quickly pay for goods in online stores without leaving your home. They can also pay for services such as the Internet, mobile communications, utilities. Due to their convenience and affordability, e-wallets are becoming more and more popular. However, the opposite situation often arises: when you need to withdraw electronic money, i.e. cash them out. There are several ways to do this.

How to cash out from an e-wallet
How to cash out from an e-wallet

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - login and password from your electronic wallet;
  • - bank account or bank card.


Step 1

Use the services of certified exchange offices or intermediaries. To find a list of such items, go to the web page of the required payment system and select your city from the list of proposed ones. Then contact the dealer and find out his conditions for cashing electronic money.

Step 2

Find intermediaries who carry out the withdrawal of electronic money on thematic forums (for example, on the forums of webmasters). When using this method of cashing out, be extremely careful not to lose your money: read reviews on the same forums, check the reputation of the owner of the electronic wallet (for example, you can check the passport and claims against the owner of the Webmoney wallet), use the protection code when transferring money.

Step 3

Use a money order. This method of cashing electronic money is less fast. Usually, electronic payment systems offer both transfers by Russian Post and through a variety of money transfer systems (Anelik, Unistream, Leader, Contact, etc.). You will have to show your passport upon receipt of the money.

Step 4

Use the service of withdrawing electronic money to a bank account or bank card. To do this, you must first confirm your data by uploading a scan of your passport and, if necessary, TIN to the site. It may take several business days for your data to be verified.

Step 5

After that, fill out an application for transferring money to a bank account by filling in all the necessary details. Many payment systems allow you to link a bank card to your wallet or create a payment template, which makes it easier and faster to withdraw money.

Step 6

Agree with friends or colleagues that you will pay them for mobile communications or other services through your e-wallet, having received the same amount from them in cash. In addition to the speed of withdrawing electronic money, this method is also convenient because you will save on the amount of commission.

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