How To Increase Torrents Rating

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How To Increase Torrents Rating
How To Increase Torrents Rating

Video: How To Increase Torrents Rating

Video: How To Increase Torrents Rating
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Torrents rating - the ratio of the amount of information sent to information received via Torrent. If you downloaded a lot and distributed little, then your rating goes down, you lose the ability to download, and the question arises how to increase the rating.

How to increase Torrents rating
How to increase Torrents rating


Step 1

Please note that the fastest way to increase the Torrents rating is to distribute a file that is not yet on this site, for example, a video of a Tomsk rock band concert or a new karate training video. However, it is quite difficult to do this, since there are few people who will download the concert of a not very well-known rock band, and this will not increase your rating, and the new video must be uploaded first.

Step 2

The second way to increase your Torrents rating is to download a popular program, for example, CCleaner, or a well-known film that is still popular, for example, Prisoner of the Caucasus. On the distribution, you will earn yourself a high rating.

Step 3

If your rating is so low that it barely allows you to download, and you need to restore it quickly, use another method, which, however, will take time. So, please be patient and start monitoring a couple of Torrents partitions in order to quickly detect a new distribution. It is best to do this in the films section, since there are constantly laid out CamRips of films that have just been released. And the number of those who want to download the new product is always great.

Step 4

Having found a fresh distribution with a movie, launch Torrent and start downloading the file you need.

Step 5

When about 25-40% of the video is downloaded, limit the download speed. For example, in the uTorrent program, you can do this by right-clicking on the bottom panel, where there is an inscription "Receive", and choosing the lowest speed.

Step 6

Do the same with the "Recoil" field by selecting the "Unlimited" item.

Step 7

Now wait for the ratio to go over one.

Step 8

Another way to increase Torrents rating is to use the kindness of a friend who has a high speed of receiving information. Download the Torrent file and ask your friend to download and start sharing the downloaded gigabytes on your behalf.