How To Embed A Game On A Website

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How To Embed A Game On A Website
How To Embed A Game On A Website

Video: How To Embed A Game On A Website

Video: How To Embed A Game On A Website
Video: How To Put A Game On Your Website 2023, December

On various sites, you can see the games installed directly on the web pages. Such applications help to diversify the network resource, which leads to an increase in the number of its visitors. Therefore, knowledge about the integration of gaming applications on the site will be of great benefit to novice webmasters.

How to embed a game on a website
How to embed a game on a website


Step 1

To embed a game on your site, you only need two things: a direct link to the game and an embed code. You can get the code for embedding a flash game on the site as follows. Go to the site with games, select the one you like and click on the "Insert" button. Copy the specified code snippet from there. It is advisable to remove information about the original source from it.

Step 2

Next, you need to deal with the inserted code, and specifically - with its three sections. You will need to find the following sections of code that you will need to change in the future. The first part to be changed:

width = ″ 600 ″ height = ″ 800 ″

width - width;

height– height;.

Here you can set completely arbitrary values. The most important thing is that the flash game is displayed correctly.

Step 3

The next piece of code to be tweaked:

"value =" ". Here you will need to place a direct link to the game you want. Finally, edit the third code snippet:

"src =" ". And in this place once again place a direct link to the game. After the code is completely revised, you can post it on your own site.

Step 4

There is another option for integrating applications to your resource - download the game file from one or another Internet site. Then you need to go to the site using the link provided in the "Additional Sources" section. This resource allocates you a certain amount of space on its hard drives, which you use to download games or other media files.

Step 5

To work on this site, you will need to register. It is quite simple to produce it. After receiving your account, go to the library, click on the "Add content" button. Next, click on the game icon, after which the code will appear. It is something in the future that you need to insert on the page of your site. This method is good because it saves hosting space.