How To Resume Download

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How To Resume Download
How To Resume Download

Video: How To Resume Download

Video: How To Resume Download
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There are many sites on the Internet with useful information that can be downloaded to your computer for free for review and non-commercial use. However, sometimes there are unexpected technical problems while downloading, and you need to know how to resume the interrupted download.

How to resume download
How to resume download


Step 1

Sometimes it can be difficult to wait for the release of a new album of your favorite band or an anticipated film with a great cast. And when the long-awaited files appear on the Internet in the public domain, I want to download them immediately. However, even here there are unpleasant situations in the form of a blackout, a computer error or an interrupted Internet connection. To prevent such incidents from spoiling the downloaded part of the file, you can always resume the download.

Step 2

The way you download the information depends on the site where you find it. Most sites offer direct downloads through a dedicated browser built-in program. Therefore, if you have problems downloading, you need to solve it in the "Downloads" section of your web browser.

Step 3

Open the downloads folder showing the actual download process. In the Opera browser, this is a separate “Downloads” tab; in the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrom browsers, the downloads folder is minimized by default on the bottom panel of the open window. Maximize the window using the mouse by clicking on the standard Maximize button or using the Toolbar in the web browser menu. The standard "crawling" download bar shows the percentage of information downloaded to the computer, and it also predicts the approximate time of future downloads.

Step 4

To preserve the integrity of the file, it is advisable not to interrupt the download unexpectedly, that is, not to interrupt the system, such as freezing, rebooting, or power outages. If you need to stop the process of downloading information, click on the "Stop", "Stop" or "Pause" button, its name varies depending on the browser. Do not delete the downloaded part of the file.

Step 5

When you have the opportunity to ensure long-term operation of the computer without interruption, open the "Downloads" tab of your browser, select with the mouse the name of the file to download which you want to return. When it is highlighted, the download control buttons will become active. Click on "Continue Download", sometimes it is indicated by the "Play" triangle symbol. After a while after checking the information, the file will continue to download from the interrupted location.

Step 6

If you download information using the search on torrent sites, please note that the download is not done by your torrent client, but by the browser. However, before downloading the file, the torrent client must find you an active uploader. Therefore, to resume downloading, open the torrent client, select the line with the file you stopped downloading, and click the "Resume" button, sometimes it looks like a "Pause" sign. After the program finds a free distributor, the download will begin.

Step 7

If you deleted a torrent file, but want to download a torn movie, for example, you need to find the topic in which you found this particular version of the movie and download the new torrent file to your computer. As usual, double-click on it, and when the system prompts you to specify the save path. Start downloading to the same folder and the download will continue from where it was disconnected.