How To Add A Photo To The Internet

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How To Add A Photo To The Internet
How To Add A Photo To The Internet

Video: How To Add A Photo To The Internet

Video: How To Add A Photo To The Internet
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If you post a photo on the Internet, you can access it from any computer or phone connected to the network. Also, if you wish, you can make it available to your friends or generally to all Internet users.

How to add a photo to the Internet
How to add a photo to the Internet


Step 1

To post a photo on the Internet without registering elsewhere, but upload it to a photo hosting site. Here are the addresses of some of them:,, Even photo hosting sites that do not require mandatory registration often provide an opportunity to do so voluntarily. It gives the user additional options

Step 2

Once downloaded, you will receive a set of several links. Some of them are direct (to the page with the image and directly to the image file). By sending one of these to someone via email or instant messaging, you allow the recipient to view the snapshot. Other links contain ready-made codes for embedding a full size or thumbnail image in forum posts.

Step 3

To create a permanent photo album on the Internet and be able to add photos to it, delete them and organize them into groups, register in one of the photo gallery management services, for example:, The registration method for such services does not differ from that of regular forums. Enter the required details, including your real email address. After receiving a confirmation link at this address, follow it. Then enter your photo gallery using the received username and password, and then start adding photos (the method of adding them depends on the chosen photo hosting)

Step 4

To add a photo to your account on a particular social network, enter it with your username and password, go to the section designed to store photos, and then select the item intended for adding photos. Add a snapshot (the way you add it depends on the social network), provide it with a comment, and then, if possible, indicate which categories of visitors can view it.

Step 5

To add a photo to Wikipedia, be sure to register in it, if you have not done so earlier. Anonymous users do not have the ability to add images. Log in with your username and password, then select "Upload file". When adding a photo, be sure to indicate the authorship, as well as the license under which you authorize to use it. Without this, the image will soon be deleted. Also add brief information about what is shown in the photo.

Step 6

After uploading, the picture will be given a new name. To insert an image into a page, place the following construction in the required place of its code: [[File: Newname.jpg

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