How To Find Out Information About A User

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How To Find Out Information About A User
How To Find Out Information About A User

Video: How To Find Out Information About A User

Video: How To Find Out Information About A User
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The need to find out data about a user on the Internet may arise due to completely different circumstances. As a rule, employers want to find out more details about job seekers applying for attractive vacancies, people search for information about the person they are interested in after a fleeting conversation on dating sites or social networks. Such a search does not guarantee a result. But data about a person can be found very often.

How to find out information about a user
How to find out information about a user


  • - browser;
  • - Internet connection.


Step 1

Find out the details of the user from his ICQ profile if his account ID is known. Open the address in your browser. Click on the People link at the top of the page. Enter the user's ICQ number in the search bar. Hit Enter. If the search was successful, click on the link with the text More details. Extract the available data from the profile page.

Step 2

Get information about a user from their blogs. Lots of people keep their online blogs on popular public platforms like LiveJournal or Blogspot. If you know that a user has such diaries, visit them.

View the profile of the blogging user. Extract information from there. Explore the content of the blog. Read both the text of the posts and the comments to them. Often in the comments, users leave their contact details and information about themselves (real name, phone number, email address, links to their other blogs and accounts on social networks).

Step 3

Get user data from social media. Register in popular networks such as,,, google +, etc. Use the search engines of these services to find the profile of the user of interest. Extract information from the profile page. Join the same groups as the user. Read his posts. Extract available data from them.

Step 4

Supplement user data with information from social services. If you know the IDs of the user's accounts on services like YouTube or RuTube, get the information from them. Follow the steps similar to those described in the second and third steps.

Step 5

Find data on the user's phone number, if known. Visit Enter your phone number in the search form. Hit Enter. If the search returned a result, get the data.

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