How To Get Through The Scooby Doo Game

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How To Get Through The Scooby Doo Game
How To Get Through The Scooby Doo Game

Video: How To Get Through The Scooby Doo Game

Video: How To Get Through The Scooby Doo Game
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Of all the games in the Scooby Doo series, the most difficult to complete is the game Scooby Doo and the Ghost Knight. Here the player will have to solve the riddle of the appearance of a ghostly knight, save the princess and expose the criminal, collecting evidence against him throughout the game.

How to get through the Scooby Doo game
How to get through the Scooby Doo game


Step 1

To complete the Scooby Doo game, enter it and open the game menu. Enter the player's name and select the difficulty level, and then start the actual game. After appearing in front of the castle, place the flags in front of the hero in the same order as the flags on the walls. When the drawbridge is down, enter the castle.

Step 2

Enter the building with the words "War and Feast", talk to the characters inside and enter the only unlocked door. Take the broom from the knight's armor in the room. Return back to the hall and give it to the mistress of War and Feast, after which you will receive permission to inspect the entire castle. Examine the castle, picking up all the items that can serve as evidence.

Step 3

Open the left door and go to the tournament hall. Having met a person there, help him get out from under the armor and talk to him. At the end of the conversation, take a bicycle number from him and agree to bring him a shield.

Step 4

Exit to the castle courtyard and enter the building on the right. Find the dining room there and talk to the characters in the game. Help set the table, and then take the nibbled sandwich with you. From the dining room, go to the door, near which the bags are stacked. Pick up a shiny screwdriver and open the door with it. After entering the room, remove the knight's shield from the wall and take it to the character who issued this task. Receive a small mirror from him as a reward.

Step 5

Returning from the tournament room, look around for the red ball. Take it and go out to the castle courtyard. Having met a jester on the way, talk to him and exchange the ball for a poem. Now go to the store and buy an empty bottle, then go to the kitchen located near the dining room. Ask the chef for the fat and pour it into the bottle.

Step 6

Now head to the Royal Gallery. Bring your hand mirror to the huge mirror and go inside. Examine the recordings from all cameras, and especially the one where the old man rearranges the skulls. Remember the order of his actions. Exit the mirror and find the heraldic shield in the castle.

Step 7

Examine the shield and click on the images of the animals in the order in which they are listed in the jester's poem. When the shield moves to the side, go into the cave. Reach the fountain and pick up the pruner lying near it. Examine the fountain and toss the bitten sandwich to the piranhas living in it. While they are busy, pick up the yellow tokens from the bottom. Then follow to the balcony and go down from it along the vines, after having bitten the thorns with pruning shears.

Step 8

After that, go to the armory room, grease the knight's armor with grease and move them aside. Go into the formed passage and take the rope there. Then return to the balcony again and climb up the vines. Get to the upper room and take the book lying in the corner. Place it on the shelf and place the skulls in the same order as the old man on the camera.

Step 9

Return to the empty fountain, tie a rope to it and go downstairs. Pick up the ruby from the ground, and then go back to the castle and insert it into the throne. As soon as he drives off to the side, go inside and free the princess. After that, compare the evidence selected during the game and indict the character on whom you have collected the most evidence.

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