How To Play A Warlock

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How To Play A Warlock
How To Play A Warlock

Video: How To Play A Warlock

Video: How To Play A Warlock
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In the computer game World of Warcraft, the player will be asked to choose the Warlock class, or Warlock, among other classes. In battle, the warlock relies on dark magic and summoning demons, in addition, he sends diseases that significantly complicate the life of his opponents. Still, playing as a warlock is pretty tricky.

How to play a warlock
How to play a warlock


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Step 1

To play as a warlock, choose the race you like the most in the game, create a character and assign him the Warlock class. After that, choose the specialization of your hero. To summon demons on the battlefield, develop the Demonology ability, in order to curse the enemy and in every possible way reduce his characteristics, select the Sorcery ability, and if you want to rudely but effectively destroy the enemy with combat magic, select the Destruction ability.

Step 2

Playing as a warlock against a Hunter class hero, summon your demon on the battlefield and together with him take the hunter in pincers from both sides. Scare away the hunter's pet using the Fear spell, and hang all the curses and damage that you have in your arsenal on the hunter himself. Then set the demon on a lonely enemy, continuing to poison and curse him until he dies.

Step 3

When faced with the Druid class, start throwing spells with him from a long distance. As soon as he turns into a bear and climbs into melee, run away from him and aim damage and diseases at him. Now run away from the slowed-down beast. As soon as the druid takes human form to heal and remove corruption from himself, summon a demon and throw battle spells at the enemy, preventing him from recovering.

Step 4

When fighting a Mage hero, rely on your mana pool and an arsenal of spells. In the confrontation between a dark and light magician, the one who applies more spells on the enemy wins, so distract the enemy with the Fear spell to buy time and put the summoned demon under attack. At the same time, without wasting time, throw all the spells that can take away health at the enemy mage, gradually destroying it.

Step 5

When engaging classes that prefer melee combat (such as a warrior or paladin), stay away from them and slow them down with curses. Until they come close to you, use demons or combat spells against them. If melee is imposed on your hero, drive away opponents with the Fear spell and methodically finish off with combat spells at a distance.

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