How To Create A Crusher In Minecraft

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How To Create A Crusher In Minecraft
How To Create A Crusher In Minecraft

Video: How To Create A Crusher In Minecraft

Video: How To Create A Crusher In Minecraft
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The huge opportunities that the computer game Minecraft provides to the player are expanded even more when various add-ons and mods are connected. New ingredients and schemes appear, priorities change. For example, in the Industrial Craft2 add-on, the player can build a special device - a crusher.

How to create a crusher in minecraft
How to create a crusher in minecraft


Step 1

The Industrial Craft2 add-on has completely changed the familiar world of Minecraft. Players have the opportunity to create new items, tools, types of blocks. In addition, in Minecraft, the energy required for the operation of mechanisms and devices, various types of wires for its transmission, as well as batteries and generators appeared.

Step 2

One of the devices necessary for effective operation in the industrial world has become a crusher. This is a device designed for grinding various materials into dust. Various types of dust are required in many schemes, and the grinder is the only source of this ingredient.

Step 3

First of all, you need to collect all the components of the grinder recipe. To build one crusher, you will need three flint units, two cobblestones, as well as a mechanism and an electrical circuit.

Step 4

Mechanism is an important ingredient in many of the schematics in Industrial Craft2. It is intermediate, that is, it is not in itself capable of performing any functions. To craft it, you need eight Hardened Iron Ingots.

Step 5

Hardened iron is produced by kiln-firing ordinary iron ingots. It is necessary for many "industrial" recipes, so you should stock up on it in abundance. To build the mechanism, place eight hardened iron ingots in the workbench window, leaving the center square free.

Step 6

The next intermediate ingredient is a microcircuit. It requires six insulated copper wires, two red dust, and one hardened iron bar. Copper is a new resource mined underground. Copper ingots can be obtained from it by melting. Three ingots, laid out in a horizontal line on a workbench, will yield six pieces of bare copper wire.

Step 7

Rubber is used as insulation - another new material obtained from remelted latex, which is obtained from special rubber trees. To insulate a wire, randomly place copper wire and rubber in a one-to-one ratio in the crafting window.

Step 8

The electrical circuit is assembled according to the following recipe: the upper and lower horizontals are filled with insulated wires, an ingot of hardened iron is placed in the center, and two heaps of red dust are placed along the edges of the middle horizontal. However, the wires can also be placed vertically, in which case the red dust should be placed along the edges of the middle vertical.

Step 9

To build a crusher, place three units of gravel in the upper horizontal of the workbench window. Place the mechanism in the central cell, and cobblestones to the left and right of it. Finally, the wiring diagram must be placed in the cage under the mechanism.

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