How Games Are Made

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How Games Are Made
How Games Are Made

Video: How Games Are Made

Video: How Games Are Made
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Games for the computer appeared in a generation more than half a century ago. These were simple table tennis games on a black screen. Today games attract millions of people with their vivid gameplay and rich computer graphics.

How games are made
How games are made


Step 1

It all started in 1952. A student invented a primitive game of tic-tac-toe on a tube computer. It was the first computer game with graphics.

Step 2

The concept of the game is at the forefront. Meeting after meeting The “thought headquarters” of the team draws up the script, thinks over the events and characters of the new game.

Step 3

A computer game is divided into separate episodes, which are numbered and attached to the board. In the future, this board plays the role of the main production center. At the same time, the graphic animation department creates models in three-dimensional graphics. This also respects the storyboard.

Step 4

For the further commercial success of the game, the appearance of the characters and their movements are important - both key, defining the gameplay (waving hands and feet, taking objects and artifacts), and additional (facial expressions, gestures). This is also done by animators.

Step 5

The "skeleton" of the character is created, which is superimposed on top of his appearance, developed by the designers. All changes to the skeleton (future movements) are carefully honed according to the script. The average number of movements of the main character can be 700 (and this is not the limit). Hundreds and thousands of experiments go hand in hand with success.

Step 6

The animators are also responsible for creating the background of the game. Cities, villages, ships and deserts are created by artists and CGI specialists. For realism, space movement, wind, snow, shadows are added.

Step 7

The programmers are developing the game menu and artificial intelligence. Thousands of lines of code influence the decision-making of computer-controlled characters. The sound studio records the voices of the actors. Then the sound engineer with the technical team mixes them, overlaying them on the music.

Step 8

The final stage of game development is testing, which takes place in two stages: alpha (the developers themselves) and beta (independent gamers). Upon completion of testing, the game is released to the market.

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