What Electronic Libraries Are There

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What Electronic Libraries Are There
What Electronic Libraries Are There

Video: What Electronic Libraries Are There

Video: What Electronic Libraries Are There
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E-books are becoming more and more popular. Not only young people, but even very elderly people are interested in book readers. Convenient is the ability to enlarge the font, the backlight of the screen, as well as the ability to carry a whole library in your pocket. But those who are just starting to master modern technologies inevitably have the question of where to get books. However, this question does not at all belong to the category of unsolvable ones. There are quite a few online libraries on the Internet.

E-books are getting more and more popular
E-books are getting more and more popular


a computer with Internet access


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Perhaps the most popular Russian book resource is Flibusta. There you can find books on a wide variety of disciplines. A large number of fiction is presented. But this resource has one drawback - the owners regularly have problems with copyright holders, so from time to time some pages are closed. However, in this library there are a lot of publications that are not subject to copyright laws. Books can be downloaded in a convenient format, or read online.

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One of the oldest Russian electronic libraries is the library of Maxim Moshkov. Here you will find Russian and foreign classics, modern literature, a large number of educational materials. The library also contains musical recordings and films. Books can be read online or copied by creating a document in any text editor.

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In the Imwerden library you will find mango fiction and nonfiction fiction, including rare books. On the "bookshelves" you will also find audio recordings of famous writers reading their works. The books in this library can be read or downloaded in pdf format.

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You will find works of famous contemporary writers and poets in the Samizdat library. The advantage of this repository of books is that the authors themselves publish their creations, which means that no one has any problems with copyright.

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The library "Librusek" is also popular among readers who have been using the Internet for a long time. But it is not very convenient for new users to register there, since there is no free download of books there now. Anyone wishing to use the services of this service must either pay or otherwise help the library (for example, by digitizing books that are not there, or by providing their published works). The library contains a wide variety of literature, there is a convenient catalog by authors and genres.

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In Russian libraries you can find books in other languages as well. So, for example, the resource EnglishBiblioteka.ru will give you the opportunity to download free books of English classics, detective stories, science fiction, educational literature. In the mbookz.net library you will find science fiction, detective stories and works of some other genres in many languages, and in almost all popular book formats.

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As for foreign libraries, the oldest is Project Gutenberg. There is a certain amount of Russian literature, mostly classical. In the library you can read books in almost all European languages, including rare and endangered ones.

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