How To Make Money On Contextual Advertising

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How To Make Money On Contextual Advertising
How To Make Money On Contextual Advertising

Video: How To Make Money On Contextual Advertising

Video: How To Make Money On Contextual Advertising
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Contextual advertising, along with teasers, selling direct ad slots and links, is an effective way to monetize highly visited Internet resources. To maximize income from context, you need to know a few simple rules.

How to make money on contextual advertising
How to make money on contextual advertising


Step 1

PPC advertising must have a customer, a stakeholder. Remember that the higher the CTR, the more interesting the ad will be to your visitors. It makes no sense to place general contextual advertising on sites with less than 150-300 unique IP visits per day - you will earn a penny. Many advertising services simply do not allow such sites to participate in their programs.

Step 2

Based on the CTR and the high level of visitors per day, try to keep track of the audience - what it needs, what is its age, from which cities the traffic is coming. This way you can choose an advertisement that will be of interest to this segment of visitors.

Step 3

To make money on contextual advertising, it should not be visible. It should blend in with the design of the site. Try to use the same fonts and color schemes in your ad units as in your site's CSS. Make your ads minimalist. Screaming contextual advertising can be highlighted by placing its title in the header of the site.

Step 4

Use a variety of blocks. Do not fill a page with materials on the site with three or four 468x60 or 160x300 ad units. For example, use one 720x90 block, the second 468x60, the third 160x300, and the fourth 120x120.

Step 5

PPC advertising should not be direct advertising. In other words, advertising should be a continuation of the context, articles on the site and have a corresponding sentence. Advertising should have as much character as possible accompanying the theme of the site, a general concept, but at the same time not be a competitor if your site provides services. It makes no sense to advertise underwear on a website about cars, but it is also pointless and not profitable to advertise competitors in an online lingerie store.

Step 6

PPC advertising should be deep. When articles on your site are "superficial" and in the texts of narrow areas and topics, topics for "newbies" and basic concepts appear, in-depth contextual advertising under articles with "smarter" and "complex" headings can attract a visitor - he will automatically consider the advertisement as the second one. in-depth and final part of the article.

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