How To Create A Game Portal

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How To Create A Game Portal
How To Create A Game Portal

Video: How To Create A Game Portal

Video: How To Create A Game Portal
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One of the site options that are suitable for aspiring webmasters is the web gaming resource. In order to create a game portal, perform several typical actions.

How to create a game portal
How to create a game portal


  • - browser;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - maybe money to pay for hosting.


Step 1

First of all, choose the hosting on which you plan to create your website. If this resource is one of the first that you create, then the best option would be to place it on one of the free hosting, for example, On such services, you can also find free constructors, as well as ready-made templates for the topic that your site will be devoted to.

Step 2

Decide on the focus of the site. You can devote it to games in principle, or to one of the popular directions - RPG, FPS, strategy, role-playing games and many others. The fact is that if you choose a general focus, then at the initial stage it will be problematic to support several types of games at once. If you choose one direction, then it will be easier for you to concentrate on covering all aspects and make the site as interesting as possible for the gamer.

Step 3

Decide on the name of the resource. Remember that it should reflect the direction you have chosen as much as possible. Do not use too complex or too long names, as well as complex words in which it is easy to make a typo - a visitor who once visited your resource should be able to easily enter the second time.

Step 4

Do not overload the first page of the site. It should contain a short and clear description. When choosing a design, the simplest option would be to arrange information in the form of three columns: in the center - basic information, on the left - navigation, and on the right - news.

Step 5

Post on your site information such as tactics, strategies, tricks and specifics of participating in a particular game. Duplicate the news posted on the official sites of the games you prefer. A good step would be to create a forum where players can exchange experiences and cooperate. The best option for free website promotion is to create a community on a social network. Invite users and actively advertise your website.

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