How To Save Videos From The Internet

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How To Save Videos From The Internet
How To Save Videos From The Internet

Video: How To Save Videos From The Internet

Video: How To Save Videos From The Internet
Video: How To Save A Video Embedded On A Website - Easy & Step By Step 2023, September

There are a large number of video hosting sites that store various movie files, clips and entertainment clips for playback. Each video can be downloaded from the internet. For this, all kinds of online services or special downloader programs are used.

How to save videos from the Internet
How to save videos from the Internet


Step 1

Go to the video hosting site from which you want to download the video you want. Find the video you want and open its page.

Step 2

At the top of the browser window in the address bar, the Internet address for this video will be indicated. Copy this URL to the clipboard by right-clicking on the line and selecting the "Copy" option.

Step 3

Go to the web video download service page. Among the many resources, one of the most popular is Savefrom, which allows you to download most of the resources through its interface.

Step 4

You can also install a utility to download videos from various sites. So, the well-known download manager Download Master allows you to download files through the appropriate section of the menu. You can also use Real Downloader or VK Saver.

Step 5

For the automatic appearance of a link to download the desired video file in the browser, you can install a special extension for working with such sites. So, the VK Saver utility has a plug-in of the same name for Firefox, Opera and Chrome in the stores of extensions for these browsers. You can download these add-ons through the corresponding menu item of the browser or by going to the official download page of extensions for your browser.

Step 6

After choosing the required method, paste the copied address into the corresponding search line on the page of the selected service or program. Hit Enter. Among the results obtained, choose the one that suits you best in terms of quality and format. Click "Download" or "Download" and select the path to save the file.

Step 7

In the event that you are using a specialized program, the path for saving can be selected through the appropriate item in the "Settings" section. If you are using a plugin, just click on the link of the selected video quality and specify the download path. The video will be downloaded from the internet.