How To Raise Your Rating On Trackers

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How To Raise Your Rating On Trackers
How To Raise Your Rating On Trackers

Video: How To Raise Your Rating On Trackers

Video: How To Raise Your Rating On Trackers
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Torrent trackers have become a common part of the life of Internet users. Torrent is a web server that allows users to exchange information. These trackers contain special files that allow you to download movies and music. A significant disadvantage of torrents is the rating systems common on most trackers. You can download a lot only if you yourself give the download no less. However, having dealt with them, you will always have the necessary rating in order to download the file of any size you like.

How to raise your rating on trackers
How to raise your rating on trackers


  • - Access to the Internet.
  • - Spacious hard drive.


Step 1

To improve your torrent rating, you need to help other people distribute files. The more files you upload at the same time, the correspondingly more will be downloaded from you. Therefore, after downloading any torrent, stay on the distribution as long as possible. A large hard drive is a great option, as well as the ability to keep your computer turned on for as long as possible.

Step 2

Pay attention to popular giveaways. For example, a rip of a successful blockbuster has just been posted on the tracker - a large number of people will probably download this distribution. If you are one of the first to download it, you are guaranteed a higher rating. You don't even need to watch / install the downloaded files, the main thing is to help in the distribution.

Step 3

Downloading other people's hands lowers the rating, even if it pays off in the end. Therefore, to raise the rating on the tracker, create your own distributions. Let's say you have a distribution kit with a free operating system based on Linux, the disk with which was sent to you from abroad. This distribution will surely succeed due to exclusivity, because not everyone wants to wait until the discs are sent by mail. It's good if you have the opportunity to upload your own copyright content. Let's say a band you know lets you create a giveaway of their new song.

Step 4

Join a release group. On many trackers, people unite in similar communities so that they plan to download various files together and upload them more quickly. If you find yourself in such a group, then a gradual but constant rise in the rating is guaranteed to you.

Step 5

Check if there is a bonus system on the tracker. This is a popular practice in many file hosting services. For example, the longer you sit, the more points are given to you, which can later be spent on raising the rating.

Step 6

If there are no other ways left, you can try third-party programs to increase the amount of distributed gigabytes. Some of them increase the size of the files you distribute. Having distributed one gigabyte you will be counted ten. For this method, you can use programs like Ratiomaster or Greedy Torrent.

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