How To Set Up Video Chat

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How To Set Up Video Chat
How To Set Up Video Chat

Video: How To Set Up Video Chat

Video: How To Set Up Video Chat
Video: How to setup your video chat plugin on your website - Consolto video chat 2023, March

By itself, video telephone communication was invented a relatively long time ago. But for ordinary citizens, it has become profitable only in the past few years. Usually it is carried out via the Internet using specialized software.

How to set up video chat
How to set up video chat


Step 1

Decide in advance whether the video channel should be one-way or two-way. If one of the interlocutors wants to transmit his image, and the other does not, then the second may not decide on the purchase and connection of a camera or a phone or laptop equipped with it.

Step 2

Make sure that both interlocutors have unlimited Internet access. If you are using GPRS or 3G channel, make sure that the access point (APN) is set correctly. If at least one of the video chat participants does not have a fast Internet connection, accept the need to reduce the image resolution.

Step 3

Connect a webcam to your computer and set it up correctly. Ask your interlocutor about the same. If your laptop or phone has a front camera, or if you do not want to transmit your own image, skip this step.

Step 4

Install Skype on your computer or compatible mobile phone. Get an account on the website of the manufacturer of this program by setting a complex password. Wait for confirmation via email, then follow the link to activate your account. Ask the other person to do the same. Find out the nickname he received during registration.

Step 5

If desired, instead of a telephone or computer, use a special highly specialized device designed only for video communication via Skype. Connect it to a free port on the router and configure it correctly.

Step 6

Run the program or turn on a specialized device for video communication with the interlocutor. Make a call to the account with the nickname he received. Conduct a test conversation, make sure that the voice and image transmission is working correctly. If necessary, reduce the sound or picture quality to such an extent that the channel can cope with their transmission.

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