How To Come Up With A Name For A Website

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How To Come Up With A Name For A Website
How To Come Up With A Name For A Website

Video: How To Come Up With A Name For A Website

Video: How To Come Up With A Name For A Website
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An important step in the process of creating a site is the selection of a domain name, or, in other words, the name of the site. This business must be approached with all responsibility, since the domain name has a significant impact on the development and popularity of the site.

How to come up with a name for a website
How to come up with a name for a website

It is necessary

a computer with Internet access


Step 1

First, choose in which domain zone you will register your site. If your resource is designed for a Russian-speaking audience, it is best to register a domain in the RU or RF zone. For foreign users, the COM domain zone is familiar. However, their list is not limited to this, there are domain zones NAME, INFO, NET, ORG, EU and others, but they are not so popular.

Step 2

Choose a domain registrar site based on its pricing policy and payment methods convenient for you. For example, you can register a domain in the RU zone on the websites,, Please note that the domain will have to be paid not once, but renewed every year (if you have not paid for it for several years in advance). As a rule, each registrar site has a form to check whether the domain is occupied or free. Use this service to check the availability of your desired domain name.

Step 3

When composing a name for your site, remember that it must meet several conditions: contain at least 2 and no more than 64 characters, do not include two or more hyphens in a row, it is also forbidden to put a hyphen at the beginning and at the end of the name. Spaces cannot be used in the domain name. If your site is aimed at a Russian audience, try to exclude the letters Ш, Ч, Ф from the domain name, which can cause difficulties when writing in Latin, or register a domain in the Russian zone, which will allow you to write the name of the site in Cyrillic.

Step 4

Keep in mind that the domain name should reflect the content of the site. Simply put, having seen the name of your resource, the user should understand what he is talking about. If you are registering a domain for a corporate website, you can include the name of the company or the name of the services it offers in the domain name. It would also be appropriate to designate the region where the company operates, for example, "Gruzoperevozki-Tver. RF". When registering a domain for a personal blog, indicate its main focus or your area of interest, for example, "Cynologist's blog" or "What I read."

Step 5

From the point of view of optimization and further promotion of the site, it is recommended to add one or more keywords to the domain. However, keep in mind that the shorter the name of the site, the easier it is to remember, so you shouldn't write a long domain name in the hope of attracting visitors.