How To Redirect A Domain

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How To Redirect A Domain
How To Redirect A Domain

Video: How To Redirect A Domain

Video: How To Redirect A Domain
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Domain is one of the main assets of every web resource. A short and beautiful domain name is appreciated. Sometimes, for example, due to the sale of a name or the site itself, it becomes necessary to re-register the domain.

How to redirect a domain
How to redirect a domain


Step 1

This can be done using an operation called push. This is the re-registration of a domain by transferring it to another registered account of the current registrar. This process can be carried out on a variety of foreign registration services, which is available for international and many geographic domains.

Step 2

Find out the username or account id of the user who accepts the domain. On the registrar's website, enter the administration panel. If a domain lock is set, remove it. Disable the service to hide personal data. Select the item to transfer services to another account. Enter the received identifier received earlier. Transfer the domain.

Step 3

You can also transfer a domain with a change of registrar to another administrator. For many geographic and international domains, the process of transferring control to another registrar is fairly straightforward.

Step 4

Log in to the control panel. Now ask for a protection code. Forward it to the person receiving the domain. He, in turn, will have to activate the transfer by entering this code through his control panel. You will receive an email with a link to confirm the procedure. If you click on the link in the message, the transfer will take place only after a few days. In this case, the domain lock must be removed.

Step 5

Transfer domains in,.ru,.su zones to another administrator without changing the registrar. In the prescribed form, write a letter stating that you are transferring the rights to administer the domain to the specified person. Notarize the signature on it and send it to the registrar's address. The person who accepts the rights to the domain must do the same.

Step 6

Re-register the domain in,.ru,.su zones with the change of registrar to another administrator. Transfer the domain to the new administrator from the current registrar.