How To Make A Background For A Diary

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How To Make A Background For A Diary
How To Make A Background For A Diary

Video: How To Make A Background For A Diary

Video: How To Make A Background For A Diary
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It is logical that some owners of online diaries want not only to have high-quality content, but also to have a beautiful design. However, it is not always possible to make a good blog background, and you have to use the standard one. In fact, creating a background for your diary is not as difficult as it might seem.

How to make a background for a diary
How to make a background for a diary

It is necessary

Adobe photoshop


Step 1

Make the background semi-transparent. Download and install Adobe Photoshop. If you have one, just open a new document and set the options to "Transparency". Choose Fill from the options at your disposal and fill the document. Adjust the transparency level with the “Opacity” function. Save the file with the.png

Step 2

Create a semi-transparent background for your diary using a stock image. Copy the picture you want to place for the background and paste it into an open transparent document. Use the above “Opacity” function to adjust the transparency level. Save as.png

Step 3

Create a checkered background for your diary. Take absolutely any picture, the colors of which you want to have as the background of your diary. Of course, you will again have to work with the image in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 4

Select "Horizontal Selection" in the tools and click anywhere on the picture. Click "Edit", in the resulting menu - "Define Pattern". Create a new drawing.

Step 5

Find the Paint Bucket tool and select Pattern in its properties. Next, click on the saved drawing and get the fill. Duplicate the layer: in the menu, click "Layer", then "Duplicate Layer". Transform it 90 degrees (it doesn't matter which way). Set the opacity of the second layer to 50%. Flatten the blanks and get the background.

Step 6

Use a ready-made background for your diary. If you don't want to bother with creating complex patterns, but just want to make a beautiful fill, then you can make your task easier. Choose a background from the templates provided in the diary project and use it on your blog.

Step 7

Find on the Internet the exact image that you would like to have in your diary if the standard background does not suit you. Then, if possible, process it in Adobe Photoshop (resizing, cropping the image, a little play with the color scheme) and fill the resulting picture as the background of your diary.

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