How To Send Out Links

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How To Send Out Links
How To Send Out Links

Video: How To Send Out Links

Video: How To Send Out Links
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Site traffic depends on its position in search engines and the number of web pages leading to it. To increase the traffic of the Internet resource, it is necessary to send out links that will bring new visitors to the site. An increase in referring Internet pages and indexing of placed links by search engines will raise the position of the resource in the search results, due to which the number of visits from search engines will significantly increase. There are several effective ways to distribute links to your own website on the Internet.

How to send out links
How to send out links

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Step 1

To start distributing links, you first need to compose the text that will accompany the link. Attractive information will encourage Internet users to make a transition to your site.

Step 2

For example, for a website with banking services, you can create the following invitation options: “get a credit card with a 55-day preferential loan period for free”, “get a free credit card with a limit of up to RUB 150,000”, “issue a credit card for free using an online application "," Apply for a free credit card in 5 minutes ".

Step 3

The word or phrase, by clicking on which the transition to the desired page will be carried out, can be either this invented text, if it is small in volume, or the inscriptions "follow the link", "get a card", "get free".

Step 4

Having decided on the content of the invitation to visitors, write the HTML code of the link: Follow the link. Such code can be left on those resources where it is allowed. Most online sites for posting links to other sites allow you to enter the text and indicate the desired page in the appropriate fields, from which an active link is formed in the future.

Step 5

Place links to the site on free classifieds boards. To do this, fill out the form to add a new announcement by selecting the desired thematic section. If necessary, pre-register on the classifieds site.

Step 6

The referring pages of blogs and forums also generate a good influx of visitors. To get more conversions, leave links on resources similar in subject matter to your site.

Step 7

Manually traversing Internet boards, forums and blogs is long and tedious. You can speed up this process by using special auto-mailer programs. Using such a program, you once compose the text of the ad and indicate the necessary data, and the auto-mailer in a short time places this message with a link on many web pages.

Step 8

To instantly get targeted visitors, place links to your site in contextual advertising systems. These systems allow you to select the CPC that suits you and instantly place an offer in search results for specific words and on a large number of partner sites.

Step 9

A good option is to exchange links with a related site. To do this, write a letter with a proposal to exchange the administration of the selected resource. But keep in mind that if another site agrees to the mutual exchange of visitors, you will have to place other people's links on your site.

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