How To Teach How To Use The Internet

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How To Teach How To Use The Internet
How To Teach How To Use The Internet

Video: How To Teach How To Use The Internet

Video: How To Teach How To Use The Internet
Video: Video Professor: Learn to use the Internet (1995) 2023, May

Improving technology is blurring the boundaries between cities and countries. You no longer have to wait for the operator to connect you with your mother, who lives many kilometers away. It is enough to turn on Skype and not only talk, but also see each other. For young people, the Internet has become as much a part of life as eating and sleeping, while representatives of the older generation are often afraid of it. Eliminate Internet illiteracy for your adults and elderly relatives.

How to teach how to use the Internet
How to teach how to use the Internet


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Step 1

Explain to the “student” why the Internet is needed. If your relative does not understand the meaning of training, he will not learn anything. Say that thanks to the Internet it will be possible to communicate with loved ones who are far away; find the recipe you need; find out the weather for tomorrow; watch or download an interesting film / program, etc.

Step 2

Show the basics of an Internet user. This includes the ability to use the browser and the search bar. Turn on your browser's autocomplete feature. This will make life much easier for both your student and you.

Step 3

Tell us about the benefits of email and Skype. Create an email and Skype account for your ward. It will be better if he does it himself under your guidance. Explain how to use these helpful things. Tell us about ways to overcome possible difficulties (for example, an unstable Skype connection).

Step 4

Explain what spam and Internet fraud are (“Send SMS to the number… and get a million”). This point must be given special attention, because older people are very gullible.

Step 5

Tell us about the dangers of viruses. You probably know the typical signs of viral pages. Share your knowledge.

Step 6

Chat about your student's preferences. Find several sites that meet his interests, study them together. Look for pages with good content and the most user-friendly interface. Teach how to work specifically on this site, bookmark it and show you how to quickly open it.

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