Fix A Boot Problem

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Fix A Boot Problem
Fix A Boot Problem

Video: Fix A Boot Problem

Video: Fix A Boot Problem
Video: [Solved] Reboot and select proper boot device error or Insert boot media in selected boot device.. 2023, May

There are many reasons why a personal computer cannot boot successfully. These reasons are of a different nature. And their elimination can last from several minutes to several hours.

Fix a boot problem
Fix a boot problem


Step 1

First you need to find out at what point in the Windows startup the error occurred. If the problem occurs before the Windows boot loader screen appears, the cause is a hardware failure, or a damaged boot sector, boot record, or partition table.

Step 2

Eliminate problems that occur when loading Windows.

If it is impossible to boot the system even in safe mode, then boot recovery tools will come to the rescue, which are launched in various ways.

• When starting the computer, often press the F8 key in order to bring up the window for selecting additional boot methods, in this window select the item "personal computer troubleshooting".

• If you do not feel sorry for the data stored on your computer, you can simply update / reinstall Windows (although if you try to update, the data and programs may be saved). To do this, insert the Windows installation disc into the drive, reboot, while the POST window is loading, press the F9 key (or F7, F10, depending on the motherboard and BIOS version). In the window that appears, select CD / DVD-Rom, press Enter. Next, follow the instructions to install Windows.

Step 3

To make a recovery (aka update) from a disk, you need to follow these steps:

• Insert the Windows disc into the drive and restart the computer.

• As soon as the message - Press any key… appears, press any key to start booting from disk. The OS installation will start automatically, wait for the process to finish.

• Then a window for choosing a language will appear, set the desired parameters and click the "next" button.

• In the next window, click on the option to select the installation - "Windows System Restore". Click next.

• Enter your account name and password.

• The search for installed systems will start and the result will be displayed in the list. Select the damaged operating system to be repaired, click next. The restoration of your damaged system will begin, sit, wait, do not touch anything.

Step 4

To prevent download errors and know what happened to the system, you need to do the following:

• Carefully follow the messages in the POST window from the first moment you start the OS.

• Check files - Autoexec.bat and Config.sus, also make backups.

• Generate a report file after the system boots.

• View Windows events (to do this, click on "Start", then open the "Control Panel", open the "Administrative Tools" folder, then open the "Event Viewer" utility).

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