How To Play A Video On A Website

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How To Play A Video On A Website
How To Play A Video On A Website

Video: How To Play A Video On A Website

Video: How To Play A Video On A Website
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Since the early days of social media, short videos have continued to gain in popularity. With their help, you can dedicate friends or distant relatives about the events in your life. However, to view these videos, certain conditions must be met.

How to play a video on a website
How to play a video on a website


Any internet browser


Step 1

To watch a video from any site, you need to download the distribution kit of the Internet browser, and then install it. To view any video correctly, the Adobe Flash Player add-on is required, which can be downloaded from the following link On the loaded page, click the "Download" button, after a moment a window for saving the file will appear, and then the download of the add-on will begin.

Step 2

When the application finishes downloading, you must launch it and close the web browser. Wait until the installation of the application is complete, then launch the browser. Go to the page for viewing video content and click on its picture (a preview image before viewing) or click the "Start" (Play) button.

Step 3

On a slow internet connection, browsing can be difficult and more like torture. To organize normal viewing, after clicking on the "Start" button, click on it again with the left mouse button. You have paused the video, therefore, during the idle time, it will have time to fully download. Now click on the same button again to view without jumps and jerks of the image.

Step 4

If you have several videos that you would like to share, put them online, for example, on YouTube. Go to the following link and click the "Add Video" button. On the loaded page, click on the "Select files on your computer" button and in the window that opens, select the directory and file that you want to download.

Step 5

During the download of your video, a link will appear on the screen, you can use it for further viewing on the network. You can share this link or use it when uploading a video to social networks, for example, Vkontakte.

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