How To Delete Another Person's Page In Odnoklassniki

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How To Delete Another Person's Page In Odnoklassniki
How To Delete Another Person's Page In Odnoklassniki

Video: How To Delete Another Person's Page In Odnoklassniki

Video: How To Delete Another Person's Page In Odnoklassniki
Video: Как Удалить Свою Страницу в Одноклассники с Телефона Раз и Навсегда? 2023, September

It happens that the user is annoyed by the activity on the social network, communication. I just want to be in silence and not clutter my thoughts with unnecessary information. He decides to delete the page. It will not be difficult to do this for your personal account. But is it possible to delete another person's page on Odnoklassniki?

How to delete another person's page in Odnoklassniki
How to delete another person's page in Odnoklassniki

Why delete another person's page?

There are several options why the user urgently needed to erase the data of another user in Odnoklassniki. For example, he is tired of this or that person, or he sends a lot of spam and insults. In this case, you can simply block the subject (add it to the black list) using a special button on his page. Or just remove from friends and start ignoring.

But there are times when scammers or offended people begin to use accounts for selfish purposes or just want to annoy another person.

There was a case that one ex-wife created a clone page on behalf of her husband, to whom she held evil. She exhibited his photo, data there, published incorrect things and notes in relation to him. I couldn't just talk to her, so it was decided to take drastic measures - to delete the clone page.

It happens that one person registers under the name of another, also steals his photo and starts sending viral links to his friends.

The difference between the "Blacklist" and contacting the support service

  • The "black list" only allows you to block a user for the one who entered it there. Those. the user will not actually be deleted, he simply will not be able to do anything in relation to the page of the person who blocked him.
  • Contacting technical support will completely remove the page and deny access to it forever.

How to add a person to the Black List?

  1. We go to his profile, where under the avatar we click on the button "More actions";
  2. After that we select "Complain", put a tick. Done, the page is protected.
  3. The same can be done through the mobile version of the site.

How do I delete a person's page through support?

Everything is simple here. You need to write to the technical support of the Odnoklassniki social network and describe in detail the reason why you need to block the page. In the message, provide a link to your profile. The administration will check the request and make a decision within a couple of days, and sometimes even faster. Usually, if there is enough evidence, technical support goes to a meeting. Detailed instructions on how to do this are provided in the network's frequently asked questions.

If the user uses your photos without permission, then it is necessary to indicate the profile of the person, his email address almost for communication, describe the current problem and attach a photo against which the real profile is visible.

  1. To do this, go to the "Help" tab on the main page;
  2. We are looking for the item "Contacting the Support Service";
  3. Further, according to the proposed algorithm, you need to fill in all the required fields.