How To Edit Subtitles

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How To Edit Subtitles
How To Edit Subtitles

Video: How To Edit Subtitles

Video: How To Edit Subtitles
Video: How to Edit Gaming Subtitles (Premiere Pro 2020) 2023, December

Have you ever noticed, when watching movies, the frequently appearing textual analogue of the spoken speech? Such analogs are subtitles. They are used to display translated text or text in the original language of the film. Most media players and media combines have built-in support for subtitles of any level. Some video players are equipped with utilities for working with subtitles (creating or editing).

How to edit subtitles
How to edit subtitles


DSRT software


Step 1

You will need the DSRT program. It is designed to work with SRT scripts (files containing subtitle text). Also, this program has a format converter, i.e. subtitles can be saved in any subtitle format available today. DSRT uses Windows Media Player as its player. it is widely used in Windows operating systems.

Step 2

If desynchronization of subtitles occurs (lagging or leading), after starting the program, you must do the following:

- open the subtitle file in DSRT;

- select any phrase from the subtitle file, then click the "File" menu, select the "Video" item (keyboard shortcut alt = "Image" + V);

- press the "Synchronization" button (this action will make it inactive) or use the keyboard shortcut alt = "Image" + C;

- find a video fragment that would be combined with the selected subtitle text, click the "Move" button, then click the "OK" button.

Step 3

When episodic desynchronization occurs, for example, the subtitle text is generally synchronized, but in some moments it slows down or accelerates, you need to do the following:

- open the subtitle file in DSRT;

- place the mouse cursor on the first phrase and mark it (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F2);

- place the mouse cursor on the last phrase and press Ctrl + F2 (phrase label);

- click the top menu "Script", then select the item "Retimet" (hot key F5);

- enter the shift factor for phrases that have been marked with markers;

- double-click on the label, select "Shift", then click "OK";

- press the "Retimize" button to complete the shift.