How To Register A Service In

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How To Register A Service In
How To Register A Service In

Video: How To Register A Service In

Video: How To Register A Service In
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Services in the Windows operating system are created and managed using specialized utilities Instsrv.exe and Srvany.exe included in the Windows NT Resource Kit. The first is designed to perform operations of installing and removing custom services, and the second is responsible for the operation of services.

How to register a service
How to register a service


Step 1

Enter the main menu of the Windows operating system by clicking the "Start" button to perform the operation of creating a custom service and go to the "Run" menu.

Step 2

Enter cmd in the Open box and click OK to confirm that the Windows command interpreter starts.

Step 3

Enter value

drive_name: \ full_path_to_instsrv_Utility \ Instsrv.exe service_name \ drive_name: \ full_path_to_srvany_Utility \ Srvany.exe

in the command line text box and confirm the command by pressing the softkey labeled Enter.

Step 4

Return to the Run dialog and enter regedit in the Open field to launch the Registry Editor tool.

Step 5

Expand the branch

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ service_name

and expand the "Edit" menu of the upper toolbar of the editor window for the correct registration of the created service in the system.

Step 6

Specify the Add Parameter command and enter a Parameter value in the Parameter Name field. Do not enter any value in the "Class" field and confirm your choice with the OK button.

Step 7

Select the newly created parameter and specify the "Add Value" command in the "Edit" menu of the service toolbar of the editor window.

Step 8

Enter values:

- Application (in the "Parameter value" field);

- Reg_SZ (in the "Data type" field);

- disk_name: \ full_path_to_executable_file_ of_ created_service.required_extension - in the String field

and close the Registry Editor tool.

Step 9

Remember that by default the created service will start in unattended mode. Changing this parameter is possible from the services applet in the control panel or using the command

net start service_name

Windows command interpreter. Another way to edit the startup type of the created service is to use the command

full_path_to_sc_utility \ Sc.exe start service_name

at the command line.

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