How To Install Tcp Ip Protocol

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How To Install Tcp Ip Protocol
How To Install Tcp Ip Protocol

Video: How To Install Tcp Ip Protocol

Video: How To Install Tcp Ip Protocol

TCP / IP is a set of protocols that allows individual computers and networks to be connected to a common computer network. Most applications use the TCP / IP protocols to communicate over the Internet.

How to install tcp ip protocol
How to install tcp ip protocol


  • - Windows computer;
  • - router.


Step 1

Features of the Windows operating system allow you to quickly configure the settings for working with TCP / IP protocols. Load this OS and open the Start menu and select the Network Connections submenu. Click on the item "Show all connections".

Step 2

Select a network adapter, Wi-Fi module, or a specific network or Internet connection. Open the properties of this device or connection. Now select the "Internet Protocol TCP / IP" item with the left mouse button and click the "Options" button.

Step 3

If you need to use a dynamic IP address, then select the Obtain an IP address automatically option. Check the box next to "Obtain DNS server address automatically". Click the Ok button to save the specified parameters.

Step 4

To configure the network card to use a permanent IP address, select Use the following IP address. In the first column of the operating menu, enter the value of the network address for this adapter. If you need to specify the address of the server or computer through which your PC will access the Internet or local network, fill in the "Default gateway" field.

Step 5

For Windows 7 and Vista operating systems, change the TCP / IPv4 settings. It is he who is most often used when creating modern local networks.

Step 6

If you need to configure the TCP / IP protocol parameters of a router or router, open the web-based interface of this equipment. Select the WAN menu to configure the Internet connection or LAN to change the parameters of the local network.

Step 7

Turn on the DHCP function if you want the router to issue dynamic IP addresses to computers. Disable this feature and set the allowed IP range yourself if you prefer to use static addresses. Save the parameters of the network equipment. Reboot your device.

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