How To Clear Mail From Spam

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How To Clear Mail From Spam
How To Clear Mail From Spam

Video: How To Clear Mail From Spam

Video: How To Clear Mail From Spam
Video: How To Delete Spam Mails From Gmail Automatically 2023, March

The "Spam" folder is a specific section containing letters and messages that do not represent the necessary information for the user. In addition, some scammers send out mass advertisements and other messages to achieve their goals. Often a person has a question how to delete useless notifications from a mailbox.

How to clear mail from spam
How to clear mail from spam


Step 1

Please note that "decent" letters have such a function as "unsubscribe". Of course, if there is one, then follow the link to the web page, put a tick in the box with the proposal not to disturb you anymore, and then continue to live peacefully for a long time.

Step 2

If messages with suspicious content are persistently sent from the same address, mark them. Then, in the upper right corner of the mail service page, click on the "This is spam" button, and unwanted notifications will no longer bother you.

Step 3

If you want to clear the spam folder in your mail, go to the mail menu and select all messages on the web page with a checkmark. Find the button "Delete messages", then all the corresponding unnecessary messages will be deleted.

Step 4

Minimize the threat of spam itself. Try not to leave your coordinates on any website and postal addresses on public portals. After all, they can easily be found by special programs that spammers use.

Step 5

Also install an antivirus on your PC. So, you will ensure the constant updating of the antivirus databases. This will protect the computer from various viruses and such programs that penetrate the user's e-mail box and begin to copy his email contacts.

Step 6

Use Mailgate Appliance, which is an interface that sorts messages and provides full-text search. At the same time, he puts certain filters for incoming letters and collects it from other services. Possessing an impressive supply of spam addresses, such a system blocks unwanted mailing "from the user".

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