How To Send A Photo To An Email Address

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How To Send A Photo To An Email Address
How To Send A Photo To An Email Address

Video: How To Send A Photo To An Email Address

Video: How To Send A Photo To An Email Address
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It is always pleasant to share joyful moments of life with family and friends, whether it be a birthday, a wedding or just a meeting of old friends. You can just call and tell, and using the Internet you can share photos and videos. For this, it is enough to have an e-mail box and know the recipient's e-mail address. In this article, using the example of one of the most popular mail services in Russia -, we will consider how to send a photo.

How to send a photo to an email address
How to send a photo to an email address


personal email and photo file


Step 1

First of all, you need to register your own mailbox. Then, using the received data, enter your mailbox.

After that, we need to create a new email in which we will send the photo. In the photo, the buttons that must be pressed are highlighted in the red rectangle. First, click the "Write a letter" button. In a few seconds, a new page will open in front of you.

Step 2

In the window that appears, you will see several fields. Hints are written next to each field about what to enter on these lines. First, fill in the "To" line. Here we write the address of the person to whom we want to send the photo. For example: [email protected]

Step 3

In the next field "Subject", specify the subject of the letter. This field is not required, but it will help the addressee to quickly understand from whom and with what this letter. In this line, you can, for example, indicate: Photos of the goddaughter for Vasya.

Step 4

In order to add a photo to our letter, press the "Attach" button. After clicking, a window will appear. In this window you need to select your photo and then click "Open".

Step 5

In a few seconds, if the photo is successfully attached, you will see the same as shown in the picture. This will mean that your photo is already in the letter and can be sent.

Step 6

In the field under the attached photo, you can write the text of the letter, comments on the photo, wishes, etc. This is optional, but people are more pleased to receive letters in which something is written, moreover, an "empty" letter can be mistaken for SPAM (advertising mailings) and deleted. Therefore, in the text field, it is better to indicate: what is in this letter, for whom and why.

Step 7

After you have successfully completed all the points: filled in the address, indicated the topic, attached a photo, wrote comments - you can send. A letter is sent by clicking the "Send" button. In case of successful sending, you will see a window with the inscription: "Your letter was successfully sent to the address [email protected]" If you are not sure of the recipient's address, or just want to play it safe, click the "Save" button. In this case, the above letter will be saved in the program. If you need to send it again, you do not need to write it again.

The rest of the postal services on the Internet work on the same principle. They can differ in the arrangement of buttons, design and name of some buttons.