What Are Vines And Why Are They Popular?

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What Are Vines And Why Are They Popular?
What Are Vines And Why Are They Popular?

Video: What Are Vines And Why Are They Popular?

Video: What Are Vines And Why Are They Popular?
Video: iconic vines that changed the world 2023, March

Vines are short videos up to 20 seconds long. They have an introduction, a climax and a denouement. A prerequisite is the presence of meaning. On the Internet, you can find both humorous and advertising vines.

What are vines and why are they popular?
What are vines and why are they popular?

Vines are derived from the English word vine. Translated, it means "vine". These are short videos with a duration of 2-20 seconds. Anyone can take them off using a special program for a smartphone. The peculiarity lies in the fact that in a short period of time the author must convey some meaning. The script should be clear to everyone.

Vine photography is a new hobby for young people. It is mainly occupied by people aged 18 to 22 years. The app that creates videos was purchased by Twitter in 2012. A year later, it became one of the most downloaded.

Benefits of Vines

Their main advantage is their short duration. The videos turn out to be meaningful, do not tire with the plot. They are often used for advertising purposes, therefore they are an effective method of promoting a product or service.

The benefits include:

  • ease of installation and shooting process;
  • the ability to install the application on a smartphone of any generation;
  • a chance to make money.

Vines are also used to cover specific events, they are part of a social and media product. All these advantages have made short videos very popular all over the world.

The most famous Internet sites

If you want to watch vines or post your own, you can use the following sites:

  • Instagram. One of the most popular social networks in which users exchange pictures, photos, videos. On this site, you can upload and edit files without using additional applications.
  • Twitter. A public messaging network makes it easy to stream videos or ramp up views.
  • YouTube. On this Internet site, you can upload videos of various lengths. For viners, YouTube has become one of the most popular sites. It also allows you to post several videos in one video. This allows users to watch several episodes without stopping.
  • Social networks (Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Facebook). Such sites can be a great start for starting a career, creating interest groups. They allow you to exchange videos, post them to the public.
  • SlickJump. A platform aimed at promoting brands. Suitable for those who want to receive income from their creativity. This is a place where you can easily find a customer who is willing to pay money for advertising. They are often looking for authors who will shoot short videos with a link to a product or service.

How to identify and make vines

This type of video differs from the others in several ways. Vines always have a clear and clear plot. In a few seconds, the whole story is brought to the viewer. The plot necessarily has the main parts: an introduction, a climax and an end. Most often, vines are humorous in nature.

If you want the video to become popular, the video sequence is accompanied by hashtags. A good story always piques the interest of the public. It is easy to check this parameter if you first show the video to your friends.

Great vines are made with creativity. In recent years, educational videos that complement emotional sound or video have been appreciated. You can shoot small parts that are interconnected. For popular viners, the storylines often overlap with each other.

Shooting features

Short videos are filmed using the Vine app, which was developed for most smartphone operating systems. Popular videos in the style of Stop Motion. It involves the use of time-lapse photography. First, one frame is taken, then a change is made to it, the shooting is repeated. This approach does not require the use of complex equipment, and not only people, but also toys can act as heroes.

You can use additional editors to make musical accompaniment. One of them is Magisto. Vines are analyzed on a remote server to determine the emotional component of the video. The application allows you to correctly select the background music, the genre in which the video will be edited.

How can you become a popular weiner?

There are several principles:

  1. Create interesting and engaging videos.
  2. Show your audience what the value of the proposed product is.
  3. Come up with several interpretations that summarize the story.
  4. Try different shooting styles.
  5. Learn from renowned Vine directors for new experiences and knowledge.
  6. Listen to your audience, don't forget to experiment.

Many experts in this field say that when filming, it is important not to overdo it, not to overload the plot. At the same time, it is important to make the video as interesting as possible. Once the result is ready, start sharing them on social networks, not forgetting about hashtags. For convenience, categorize your videos. This makes it easier for users to find your content.

Who to learn from?

There are quite a few viners out there who have a lot to learn from. It doesn't have to be one person. There are also whole groups. For example, YuFrame is a group of young people who have more than 3 million subscribers. The main promotion of vines is Instagram. The team tried to master YouTube, but on this site it turned out to be more difficult to achieve their goals.

Among the popular foreign viners:

  • Our Greer. This is an American teenager with over 10 million subscribers.
  • Andrew Bachelow. American weiner with a very solid audience.
  • Brittany Furlan. This is a fashion model who creates videos between shoots.

In our country, you can watch short videos by Nastya Ivleva. Her work is mostly on Instagram. Another representative is Evgeny Kulik. This is a famous Russian actor who shoots videos at any free moment.

Vines are very popular indeed. Their relevance is associated with the presence of an element of humor, lack of tension. Users do not need to delve into the essence for a long time, wait for the denouement. Often they reflect life moments, told with irony.

Weiners point out that there are usually a lot of ideas, but it can be difficult to direct everything as intended. Often you have to redo a lot to achieve the desired result. Therefore, a whole team often works: the first come up with a plot, the second - shoot, the third - edit and apply effects.

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