How To Install The TooManyItems Mod For Minecraft

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How To Install The TooManyItems Mod For Minecraft
How To Install The TooManyItems Mod For Minecraft

Video: How To Install The TooManyItems Mod For Minecraft

Video: How To Install The TooManyItems Mod For Minecraft
Video: Minecraft 1.7.9: How to install TooManyItems Mod for PC!! (Non-Forge) 2023, December

Many gamers who often play Minecraft have probably at least heard about the TooManyItems mod, and many even managed to experience its enormous possibilities, comparable only to the creative mode. The change of day and night at its own discretion, the establishment of the necessary weather, and most importantly - the extraction of that amount of resources (and whatever) that the player himself needs. How to install such an interesting mod correctly?

With the TooManyItems mod, the gamer opens up a wide world of gaming possibilities
With the TooManyItems mod, the gamer opens up a wide world of gaming possibilities


  • - installer for TooManyItems
  • - special sites
  • - archiver


Step 1

If you decide to try out TooManyItems, first download its installer that matches your version of Minecraft. You will find such an installation file on various resources dedicated to software products for this game beloved by millions of gamers. Don't rush to pre-install any other mods (including Forge) - you can do without this step, although it will greatly ease your task.

Step 2

Open the start menu of your computer. Find the Run line there and enter cmd in it (if you have XP) or enter this command in the search bar (for Windows Vista or 7). Then type% appdata% in the window that opens. A huge number of folders will be displayed on the screen. Choose among them the one entitled.minecraft and open it. Delete the.bin folder inside it.

Step 3

After that, start Minecraft and select the Force Updating option from its menu. This is necessary to force the game to update and install a new.bin folder instead of the deleted one - but now with the data necessary for the TooManyItems installation. Open it and find minecraft.jar there. Click on the icon of this file with the right mouse button. In the list of possible actions that appears, select the opening of the document through an archiving program (for example, 7Zip or WinRAR).

Step 4

Using the above archiver, make TooManyItems open in two windows at once. One of them will refer to the archive with the installer of the mod, and the other - to the minecraft.jar already available on your computer. Drag all documents from the first to the second. Click OK to sync and merge the folders. After that, if you still have a METE. INF folder in minecraft.jar, be sure to delete it. Otherwise, no modifications to the game will work. By the way, in case you already have any mods installed (at least Minecraft Forge), you will not need to follow the steps starting with deleting.bin.

Step 5

If you have a relatively new version of Minecraft (for example, 1.7.10), and you want to install a compatible version of TooManyItems, proceed a little differently. Open.minecraft / versions on your computer. Now start sequentially renaming all folders and documents in it, where the numerical name of the version of the game you have installed appears, by adding _TMI to this name (before the dot and indicating the extension). So, 1.7.10.jar becomes 1.7.10_TMI.jar, etc. After that, open the 1.7.10_TMI.json file through a text editor and, as mentioned above, add _TMI to its ID. Now save the document and close it.

Step 6

Open the folder with the TooManyItems modification through the archiver. Transfer all its contents to the folder you just renamed. Now, be sure to remove META. INF (for the same reason as indicated in the previous installation of the above mod). Start Minecraft with a TooManyItems profile and enjoy the full possibilities that are open to you.