How To Make A Bed In Minecraft?

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How To Make A Bed In Minecraft?
How To Make A Bed In Minecraft?

Video: How To Make A Bed In Minecraft?

Video: How To Make A Bed In Minecraft?
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Many longtime Minecraft fans know how important the bed is in this game. Here it is not just a piece of furniture on which they wait out the night, retreating into the arms of Morpheus, but a means of rebirth after death exactly where a specific gamer needs.

Thanks to such a bed, the night will pass for
Thanks to such a bed, the night will pass for

How the bed is used in minecraft

As you know, the night in this game is one of the most dangerous periods. If at least the easy mode of Minecraft difficulty is set, at the moment of darkness around the player - in the space that he did not have time to illuminate - hostile mobs will spawn, meeting with which, when they are in large numbers, can be fraught with death. Although a lot of gamers specifically for such battles make sorties at night (after all, this is how you can profit from the necessary loot and get the necessary experience), nevertheless, sometimes it is better to wait out this period of the game.

If you make a bed and lie down on it, the night flies by for the player in an instant. In fact, immediately after he is on his bed, morning will come. True, gamers still take some precautions. For example, the space around the makeshift bedchamber is illuminated with torches, so that hostile mobs do not spawn there, because they can wake up (and then attack) the sleeping person.

If a gamer goes on a journey through the gaming world, he should definitely take a bed with him. Then, in case of death, he will spawn in the place of the last night and will be closer to the things that dropped out of the inventory at the time of his death.

Forcing Minecraft participants to invariably make a bed at the first opportunity is the fact that it will henceforth serve as their respawn place. If a gamer (or rather, his character) has to endure death, which happens repeatedly during the game, he will be reborn in the very place where he went to sleep the day before.

Materials required for the bed

Before creating a bed, you will need to prepare resources, without which the completion of such a task is impossible. Only two types of them are required - board and wool. Getting any of these materials is easy enough even for an inexperienced gamer. Moreover, it is possible to do this already at the beginning of the game. The main thing is to find out where the sheep spawn.

These animals will contribute to the extraction of one of the above types of resources - wool. If there are scissors in the player's inventory, it will be enough to cut off the required amount of the sheep rune (in general, it is better to have more of it, since it will certainly come in handy in other game endeavors - for example, in the construction of a house or its furnishings). However, when there are no scissors, you can take their wool from animals in another elementary way - by killing them.

The boards are made, of course, from wood. It is extremely easy to get it, since trees in Minecraft grow in many biomes. For crafting a bed, the specific tree species does not matter. You just need to go to the first tree that comes across the player's path and start chopping down its trunk (the most accessible method is to do this with your bare hands). All that remains is to pick up the fallen wood blocks.

Assembling the bed

One cube of mined wood must be placed in the center slot of the bottom row of the workbench, thus obtaining four blocks of planks. They will be quite enough for making a bed (one cube will even remain superfluous). They will need to occupy the entire bottom row of the workbench, and place three units of wool directly above them. The bed is ready!

Regardless of what kind of color the material was used to craft the stock, it will always come out only in red. This is how it is programmed in the game.

Using it for its intended purpose, you must remember: if the game takes place on the server, morning will not come until all the players have settled down. In addition, the bed should be installed in a safe place, far from the spawning of mobs. You should not try to retreat into the arms of Morpheus while staying in the Land (End) or in the Lower World (Hell). When you try to lie down on the bed there, it will immediately explode, leaving little of the player's inventory and hearts of his health.