What Does Hirobrin Look Like In Minecraft

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What Does Hirobrin Look Like In Minecraft
What Does Hirobrin Look Like In Minecraft

Video: What Does Hirobrin Look Like In Minecraft

Video: What Does Hirobrin Look Like In Minecraft
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Hirobrin usually looks like a character with a standard skin and completely white eyes. He most often spawns on the border of fog and in dungeons. Sometimes he hides and runs away from the players, and sometimes he attacks, trying to kill.

What does Hirobrin look like in Minecraft
What does Hirobrin look like in Minecraft


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There are two main varieties of Hirobrin. The first type behaves like a ghost: it hides and runs away from the player, appears only at the border of the visible world. If you approach her, she disappears.

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The second type of Hirobrin, according to legend, is a deceased miner who takes revenge on anyone who invades his domain. This version of Hirobrin sets up traps in the dungeons, trying in every possible way to lure players into them. When you enter such an underground trap, the insidious Hirobrin blocks the exit and tries to destroy you. It is believed that this type of Hirobrin secretly breaks player-created buildings and takes things from chests.

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Hirobrin usually spawns where the fog line passes - where the rendering of the world stops. This happens especially often when the player has low render distance settings.

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Hirobrin can appear with a sword or diamond pickaxe, but most often he walks empty-handed. A sign of Hirobrin's presence are pyramid-shaped buildings and long tunnels, two by two blocks in size. Where Hirobrin dwells, the foliage on the trees is burned, and underground cobblestone shelters can be found, illuminated by red torches. Sometimes treasures can be found in these hideouts.

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Hirobrin was not always present in the game. They first started talking about him when a message appeared on the forum in which one of the players talked about a strange character he met. The character had the standard skin of an ordinary person, white eyes and moved in dense fog. After that, the number of messages describing the meeting with Hirobrin began to grow. He was seen building tunnels and pyramids, standing in the middle of a lake of hot lava, etc.

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It is believed that Hirobrin does not move in the usual way, but levitates above the surface of the earth. That is why he does not use trolleys, boats, or other modes of transport - they are completely useless for him.

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There is a legend among Minecraft lovers that Hirobrin is a character invented by the creator of the game Notch in memory of his deceased brother. However, Notch himself has repeatedly stated that he never had brothers.

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