How To Update Allods

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How To Update Allods
How To Update Allods

Video: How To Update Allods

Video: How To Update Allods
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The universe of allods attracts many fans of role-playing games, good graphics and a fascinating plot can leave few people indifferent. Despite the high quality of the game, sometimes users still have certain problems. The only option for solving them is sometimes updating the game.

How to update allods
How to update allods


  • - update patches;
  • - recovery utility.


Step 1

Updates to the game allow not only to eliminate certain glitches, but also provide players with new opportunities. In particular, characters may acquire new skills and abilities. Updating can take place both in automatic mode and in manual mode. It is also possible to restore a damaged game.

Step 2

A game program installed on a computer, or a game client, usually notifies itself about the need to update. After receiving a warning, the player just needs to press the "Update" button, the game will be updated automatically.

Step 3

It is possible to update the game by installing periodically released patches. To update, you need to download the required version of the patch (they are numbered), and then install it. To install the patch, unzip it (if it is packed) and copy the contents of the archive to the patches folder in the game directory. If there is no such folder, create it. For example, if you have the game installed on the C drive, then the path will be like this: C: \ AllodsOnline \ Patches. After that, start the game, the installed files will be applied automatically.

Step 4

If you want to reinstall the game, download the AllodsLoader.exe program, its size is about 3 MB. Run the installer, it will download the full version of the game. Please note that this is over 5 GB, so installation may take several hours. If you have a poor-quality connection, you can download the game with five files. It is better to download them through the download manager, which allows you to continue downloading in case of communication failures, and not start it again. All downloaded files should be placed in one folder, then run the setup.exe file and follow the installation instructions. The link is the same as for client recovery.

Step 5

Sometimes in the game there are certain failures, indicating the damage to some files. You can restore the normal operation of the client by downloading and running the repair.exe program. After running it, specify the path to the folder with the damaged version of the client as the installation path. Then initiate the recovery by running the laucher.exe file.

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