How To Determine The PR Of A Site

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How To Determine The PR Of A Site
How To Determine The PR Of A Site

Video: How To Determine The PR Of A Site

Video: How To Determine The PR Of A Site
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The site's popularity is assessed in various indices. Each search engine has its own. For Yandex, this is the TIC or the thematic testing index. Google has Page Rank (PR). It should be noted that PR is assigned not to the whole domain, but to each page of the site. There are several ways to determine the Page Rank.

How to determine the PR of a site
How to determine the PR of a site


  • - specialized services for the analysis of sites;
  • - setting for the Google Toolbar browser.


Step 1

Find out PR using specialized services that provide comprehensive website analysis services. Popular SEO sites like and Go to any of these services, enter the address of the site you want to check. As a result, you will receive comprehensive information about the site, including PR. Use other website analysis services that are abundant on the web

Step 2

Use counters to constantly monitor the Page Rank of your site's pages. There are many resources on the Internet that offer to install a free counter (informer) to determine PR. For example, (informers for sites). Go to this resource, enter the site address in the appropriate field. Then click the "Receive" button. Paste the received counter code into your website template. As a result, buttons displaying Page Rank will appear on the site pages

Step 3

Connect Google Toolbar to your browser. The Page Rank value for the open page is displayed on your browser bar as a green bar. The larger it is, the higher the PR. Move the mouse cursor over the Page Rank icon and you will see its numerical value. Today, there are many similar extensions for a wide variety of browsers. Choose the one that is convenient for you.

Step 4

Determine PR for Google datacenters. Do it at

Step 5

Determine PR using a desktop application. Go to the website and download the Site-Auditor utility. Run the program and see PR

Step 6

Find out the Page Rank value for all pages of your site at once on services that automatically check the values of this index. For example, the well-known service SlavsSoft has a tool that allows you to simultaneously check the PR of all pages on the site. Go to the page Paste the full path to your sitemap.xml file in the "Sitemap URL" field. Enter the security code and click the "Verify" button. The service produces a list containing the URLs of the pages of your site and the corresponding PR values. Remember that the sitemap must be uploaded to the service in XML format (sitemap.xml).