How To Buy A Database

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How To Buy A Database
How To Buy A Database

Video: How To Buy A Database

Video: How To Buy A Database
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Modern enterprises to automate their activities use databases that store all the necessary information. There are a large number of types of databases developed for various fields of activity. When an enterprise needs a database to automate technical or business processes, you can order its development from specialists. However, it is often much easier and more profitable to buy a finished product.

How to buy a database
How to buy a database


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Step 1

Enter "buy database" in the search engine and browse the displayed Internet pages. Explore the assortment of databases offered.

Step 2

Choose the appropriate database in accordance with the specifics of your organization's activities.

Step 3

Select a database according to the following parameters:

1) the number of concurrent users, 2) the complexity of configuration, installation, administration

3) the prospects for the development of the database, the stability of the host firms, the release of new releases, etc.

4) data protection

5) type of program (small web server, powerful web server, local utility, complex system)

6) the size of the database (several megabytes, up to hundreds of megabytes, gigabytes, hundreds of gigabytes and more)

7) platform (Windows only, Unix / Linux only, Windows + Linux, Mainframes, Clusters)

8) Requirements for the power of a personal computer.

Step 4

Analyze the cost of products in the market for the services offered and make rational choices.

Step 5

Determine in what form the delivery is convenient for you (by mail, without delivery, by courier)

Step 6

Order the software product of your choice (by phone or email)

Step 7

Choose a payment method for the database. Basically, they offer to pay by bank transfer (bank transfer), but there are also such suppliers who can be paid for the actually received program (paid by mail for a postal order or issued to a courier who is obliged to give you a receipt for payment).

Step 8

Choose the delivery time convenient for you. Depending on the terms and types of delivery, the delivery price changes.

Step 9

Enter into a contract with the organization that supplies you with the database.

Step 10

Pay for the supplied product according to your choice.

Step 11

Obtain the software product and install it on the computer (s) of your enterprise.

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