What Are Bots

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What Are Bots
What Are Bots

Video: What Are Bots

Video: What Are Bots
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A bot is a specially created program that is necessary to automate certain processes and independently imitate certain human actions. Bots exist for all complex online games in which they are used to reduce the time and effort of a given player. Also, bots perform routine game manipulations and can intercept the credentials of players.

What are bots
What are bots


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In addition to gaming bots, ICQ bots have been created and are actively used. These programs track all outgoing messages to selected ICQ numbers, analyze them and, based on the results, write messages in response instead of a person, imitating a human conversation.

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Several subgroups of bots are distinguished, which are distinguished by the purpose of creation and the functions they perform.

So, chat bots or bots for communication monitor messages arriving at certain numbers and respond to them with sometimes appropriate phrases, and sometimes not. Bots for communication do not carry any functional load and are capable of performing only entertainment functions: conducting conversations on general topics in chats with those who want to communicate, tell jokes, etc.

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Information bots are much more complex and useful robots. Using these programs, you can translate texts from foreign languages of varying degrees of complexity, calculate according to existing mathematical formulas, even complex ones. They will help in choosing the news information you are interested in, currency rates, provide information about the weather forecast or the desired program schedule.

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Multibots are universal robots that combine several ICQ numbers. The user sends messages to one number, and this program independently sends them for processing to a specific bot, the choice of which depends entirely on the information in the request. A positive aspect of using a multibot is the convenience of work, which saves you the need to keep many ICQ numbers in the contact list.

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Bots are gradually evolving and over time they acquire new and additional functions. The disadvantages of such robot programs at the moment is that bots are not capable of transmitting audio, video and other multimedia components, which depends on the information transfer protocols. But when it comes to textual data, these programs can do almost anything.