How To Expand The Internet Channel

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How To Expand The Internet Channel
How To Expand The Internet Channel

Video: How To Expand The Internet Channel

Video: How To Expand The Internet Channel
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Sometimes it is enough to optimize the Windows settings to increase the bandwidth. You can also reduce the value of the bandwidth itself, which is allocated to the reserve by the operating system.

How to expand the Internet channel
How to expand the Internet channel


Step 1

Open the Start menu, then click Run - gredit.msc. This will launch the editor. Next, select "Computer Configuration", then click on "Administrative Templates". Under Network, find QoS Package Manager.

Step 2

Open the property called "Limit Reserved Bandwidth" in the right window of the object. This policy is not set by default. In this case, the system reserves 20 percent of the connection bandwidth.

Step 3

Select the "Enabled" item in the "Parameter" tab. Set the bandwidth limit to 0%. Click "Apply", then "OK". When you configure the adapter in bandwidth limiting mode for a specific network adapter, Group Policy is ignored.

Step 4

Now analyze all the possible reasons for the channel reboot. Highlight the traffic using various multimedia applications when working in the online system. This traffic usually has the lowest value. Limit its use.

Step 5

Contact your ISP and upgrade to a new plan that uses a high bandwidth channel.

Step 6

To increase your bandwidth, don't use Internet accelerators like Speed Connect Internet Accelerator. Such programs are usually distributed over a virtual network. They are paid or contain a virus, and most importantly, they do not change the bandwidth in any way.

Step 7

Take organizational measures to effectively use the VLAN access channel. Determine the balance between the free part of the channel and the loaded one. Allocate channel usage quotas for different users using a proxy server. Provide reliable filtering of all content from ads and viruses.