How To Set Night Mode On Your Phone In YouTube

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How To Set Night Mode On Your Phone In YouTube
How To Set Night Mode On Your Phone In YouTube

Video: How To Set Night Mode On Your Phone In YouTube

Video: How To Set Night Mode On Your Phone In YouTube
Video: YouTube Dark Mode For iOS! 2023, March

The YouTube app recently introduced Night Mode, which changes the site's color scheme from light to dark. Many people use the application very convenient in this particular color scheme. In this mode, there is no need to worry about the comfort of the lighting.



YouTube is the largest global video archive, garnering millions of views every day and adding user-uploaded videos every second.

The resource demonstrates, stores, delivers various video files. Any user can view all kinds of videos from the catalog, rate them, comment, share them with friends (including on social networks), as well as upload their videos and edit them. YouTube contains content for any request: news, trailers and movies, music videos, educational videos, life hacks and master classes, video blogs, reviews, humorous videos and much more.

YouTube appeared in 2005 in San Bruno. It was created by former PayPal employees. The first video is a 19 second video from the zoo. In 2006, Google bought YouTube for $ 1.65 billion and became its owner. Many celebrities and large companies have official channels on YouTube, and YouTube videos are often shown in official TV coverage.

The platform was adapted for the Russian language in 2007. YouTube now ranks third in the world in terms of traffic. More than 4 million visitors visit the site every day.

A sharp impetus for the growth of YouTube traffic was the daily giveaway of iPod Nano 4Gb players, which was organized with funds from investors. The number of visits to the site increased from 50 million in December to 250 million in January 2006. This was also facilitated by the download of a video clip, shown in the next issue of the musical and humorous program Saturday Night Live on the NBC channel.

In May, analytics company Alexa Internet reported that had 2 billion daily traffic, making it the 10th most visited site in the United States.

MySpace, feeling that YouTube is losing huge profits, banned links to video hosting and then opened its own service for downloading and sharing videos. But he was never destined to become successful.

Night mode

YouTube Night Mode allows you to activate a dark theme, which is less annoying in low light. Although many users prefer to use this theme on an ongoing basis.

To activate night mode, open the application settings by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of the main application window. On the next screen, select "Settings". Then go to the "General" section. This is where you need to move the "Night mode" switch.

If the specified item is not in the menu, wait for the application update for your smartphone.

In May 2017, the dark theme appeared in the web version of YouTube, and now it is also present in mobile apps for iOS and Android. In the future, an automatic night mode is expected, which will turn on and off depending on the time of day.

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