How To Upload Pictures To The Internet

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How To Upload Pictures To The Internet
How To Upload Pictures To The Internet

The question often arises before netizens: how to upload various images to the Internet? This can be done by posting a picture on one of the file-sharing servers or using one of the free graphic file exchange services. There are a lot of such servers on the Internet. Let's see how to put a picture on the Internet using the service.

How to upload pictures to the Internet
How to upload pictures to the Internet


Step 1

It must be remembered that before placing any image on the network, it must be optimized. To do this, you need to use one of the graphic editors. There are many such programs, experts recommend using the Adobe Photoshop product. It is the leader in raster image processing software. After optimizing the image, it must be saved in one of three formats: png, jpeg or gif.

Step 2

After that, open any browser. In the address bar, enter Press the "Enter" key on the keyboard. A service window will appear in front of you. Click the browse button. Select an image from your computer. In the line "name" write the name of the file. You can also reduce the width of the picture or mark it as "adult material."

Step 3

Then click the "download" button. After a while, after uploading the picture to the server, you will see a page with links. Select the link you need, copy to the clipboard and share it with your friends.

By the same principle, you can upload pictures to the Internet using other graphic file exchange services.

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