How To Set Up An IP Address

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How To Set Up An IP Address
How To Set Up An IP Address

Video: How To Set Up An IP Address

Video: How To Set Up An IP Address
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In computer networks, the work of which is based on the IP-protocol, the addressing of end machines is carried out using numerical values, also called IP-addresses. To start working on the Internet, you need to install support for the TCP / IP protocol. But, in addition, you need to configure the IP address of the machine.

How to set up an IP address
How to set up an IP address

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Administrative rights in Windows


Step 1

Open the network connections folder. Click on the "Start" button located in the taskbar. In the menu that appears, select the "Settings" item. In the displayed child menu, click on the "Network Connections" item.

Step 2

Find the shortcut of the network connection for which you want to configure the ip address. The connection management window can contain several shortcuts corresponding to physical or virtual network devices, modem connections, etc. Review their descriptions. Select the required shortcut by clicking on it with the left mouse button.

Step 3

Open the properties settings dialog for the selected network connection. To do this, right-click on it. A context menu will open. Select Properties from the menu.

Step 4

Open the TCP / IP settings dialog. To do this, in the connection properties dialog in the "Components used by this connection" list, click on the "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)" item. After that, click the "Properties" button, which is located below the list. The "Properties: Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)" dialog box appears.

Step 5

Configure the IP address. Left-click on the "IP address" field to move the input focus to it. Enter the components of the IP address one by one. Each component is a decimal number in the range 0-255. Each component of the address is separated from the others by a non-removable period. The translation of the input focus for editing the next component of the address can be performed both by clicking the mouse and using the keyboard using the cursor keys. Commit the changes made by clicking the "OK" buttons in the last two open dialogs.