How Do I Change The Start Page On Mozilla?

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How Do I Change The Start Page On Mozilla?
How Do I Change The Start Page On Mozilla?

Video: How Do I Change The Start Page On Mozilla?

Video: How Do I Change The Start Page On Mozilla?
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Mozilla Firefox is a browser that has earned its fame for its security and, above all, its customization flexibility. The program has a large number of parameters with which you can set any settings for displaying resources and behavior when opening Internet pages.

How do I change the start page on Mozilla?
How do I change the start page on Mozilla?

This web browsing application was first released in 2004. The program got its name in honor of a wild animal - a small panda, which is called firefox in English. It is noteworthy that the second part of the name of the Mozilla company, which developed this software product, is written with a small letter (mozilla) on the logo.

Setting the browser start page

Changing or installing the start page is carried out in the browser settings, which are located in a separate section of the program menu. To access them, open the program using the shortcut on the desktop or the corresponding item in the Start menu. Wait for the browser to start.

Here you will see a window that can be conditionally divided into 3 parts. The central part displays the content of the sites. When you launch the browser, you can choose to display the Firefox start page or select your own resource on the Internet, which will be called "Home", ie. launched immediately after clicking on the browser shortcut in the system. In the upper left part of the program window is the Firefox button, which allows you to access the browser options.

Below is the address bar, which is used to enter the website address.

To change the home page, click on the Firefox button and select the "Settings" section. Click the left mouse button on this line. A window will appear on the screen in which you can configure all the necessary browser settings. Go to the "General" tab. In the "Launch" block, the page display is configured when the program starts. In the line "When Firefox starts" in the drop-down list, select "Show home page". In the line "Home page" enter the address of the site to which you want to go immediately after opening the application window.

You can also set a specific page as your home page automatically, without manually entering the site address. To do this, go to the site that you would like to start using the address bar of your browser. Then go to "Settings" - "General" again and click on the "Use current page" button. After that, when Firefox starts, the site will load, which is now open in your browser.

Using the settings, it is also possible to import the home page from bookmarks. To do this, click on the "Use bookmark" button in the settings window and select the site that you have saved in the "Bookmarks" section. The Restore Defaults button will allow you to return the Firefox start page as your home page.

Other program parameters

You can edit the rest of Mozilla's settings if you like. For example, in the "Tabs" section, you can change the behavior of the browser when opening multiple sites in one window. In the options "Content" - change the display language of the pages and the font used to draw the elements of the site. The section "Applications" is responsible for adjusting plugins, and "Privacy" contains data on the storage of history in the browser and other data about visited pages that resources may supply.

To save the settings made for the home page and the selected values in other sections, click "OK" and restart the program to apply all changes.

The "Protection" section will allow you to block the browser and set a password to access it. "Synchronization" will allow you to set the desired program settings by connecting to another computer. In the "Advanced" section you can see the network settings and other text display parameters.

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