How To Send An Email To A Fax

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How To Send An Email To A Fax
How To Send An Email To A Fax

Video: How To Send An Email To A Fax

Video: How To Send An Email To A Fax
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Office workers often have to send letters by fax. The cases can be completely different, but what to do if you are faced with such a problem for the first time and have absolutely no idea how to send a letter to a fax.

How to send an email to a fax
How to send an email to a fax


Step 1

Compose your letter in MS Word, using the template that you can use in MS Publisher to add a company logo. Use MS EXEL if you need to compose and fax spreadsheets. If you will send pictures, they must have the.jpgG extension.

Step 2

Be aware that the size of a standard letter that can be faxed is an A4 page. The required font for writing is at least 10 point size. For this reason, it's best to keep all your thoughts on one sheet so that you don't have to send information across multiple pages.

Step 3

State all information clearly and concisely. In the letter that you will send to fax, write only what will be useful and interesting to your addressee. If, for example, a specific request has been sent to you, answer exactly to it, without deviating from the topic, etc.

Step 4

Do not insert small pictures or drawings into letters, they can be blurred, and as a result, the addressee will receive only a negative opinion about you or your company. Be sure to include your address, telephone / fax number, or other contact information at the end of the message.

Step 5

Print your letter. Examine the document for print quality, it should be good, all letters should be clear and not blurry so that the addressee can make out the text. If you find any shortcomings, correct them and print the letter again.

Step 6

Open the document feed tray on the fax. It is usually located at the back of the machine. Insert your letter face down. If you have multiple sheets, check if your fax machine supports bulk sending, if not, you will have to insert each sheet separately.

Step 7

Wait for the beep, the machine should pick up the paper. Dial your recipient's fax number. Wait for a response on the other end of the wire.

Step 8

Introduce yourself and indicate that you would like to send the fax. Press the "Start" button together with the addressee (Usually they say: "Start"). The fax will be sent if everything is done accurately. Do not replace the tube until the paper has passed all the way through the machine.

Step 9

Click the "Contact" button and specify whether your letter has been sent to the addressee (whether the fax has passed). If the display quality is poor, try all the steps again.

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