How To Clear The Update Log

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How To Clear The Update Log
How To Clear The Update Log

Video: How To Clear The Update Log

Video: How To Clear The Update Log
Video: How to Clear Windows Update History in Windows 10? 2023, May

Data on existing errors that occur when installing software updates, or when checking for their presence, in a large percentage of cases indicates the need to delete temporary update files. It is quite simple to delete these files without any additional knowledge and programs, using standard actions in the operating system.

How to clear the update log
How to clear the update log


Step 1

To clear the log, close the Windows Update service. To do this, click the "Start" button, find the subsection "Control Panel" -> subsection "Administrative Tools". In this section, select "Services" through which and open the working link "Windows Update". Stop the work of the "Center", and then confirm the stop of the service.

Step 2

Another option for shutting down the "Center" is the following: in the command line field, enter net stop wuauserv, and then press "Enter".

Step 3

Delete everything in the folders:% systemroot% SoftwareDistributionDataStore and% systemroot% SoftwareDistributionDownload, which will remove all temporary update files.

Step 4

Start the Update Center service again. To do this, if you used the first option to stop it, open the "Services" section through the "Control Panel" and "Administrative Tools", then in the "Windows Update" select the "Start" item.

Step 5

Also, to start the center, you can do the following: in the "Search" line in the main "Start" menu, enter the value of the command line and confirm this action by pressing the "Enter" key. After that, double-click on the "Command line" item, select the "Run as administrator" function.

Step 6

Type fsutil resource setautoreset true in the command line box that appears, along with the drive name. After doing this - press "enter" and restart your computer to use the changes.

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